Land Transport (Enforcement Powers) Amendment Bill

  • enacted

Part 1
Amendments to Land Transport Act 1998

4 Interpretation
  • Section 2(1) is amended by inserting the following definitions in their appropriate alphabetical order:

    cruising means driving repeatedly in the same direction over the same section of a road in a motor vehicle in a manner that—

    • (a) draws attention to the power or sound of the engine of the motor vehicle being driven; or

    • (b) creates a convoy that—

      • (i) is formed otherwise than in trade; and

      • (ii) impedes traffic flow

    qualifying bylaw means a bylaw made by a road controlling authority under section 22AB(1)(b) of this Act, section 72(1)(d) of the Transport Act 1962, section 684(1)(13) of the Local Government Act 1974, or section 145 of the Local Government Act 2002 for the stated purpose of—

    • (a) restricting or placing conditions on the racing of motor vehicles or any associated activities:

    • (b) controlling or restricting cruising or any associated activities

    Registrar, in relation to the execution of a warrant of confiscation, means any Registrar of the High Court or of a District Court, as the case may require, and includes a Deputy Registrar.