Vehicle Confiscation and Seizure Bill

  • enacted
11 If motor vehicle has been disposed of, court may prohibit offender from acquiring another motor vehicle
  • (1) Section 131 is amended by repealing subsection (1) and substituting the following subsection:

    • (1) This section applies if, in any case to which any of section 128, 129, or 129A would otherwise apply, the offender or any substitute for the offender has, before the date of the offender’s conviction, ceased to be the owner of the motor vehicle or to have any interest in it.

    (2) Section 131(2)(b) is amended by inserting “or the substitute for the offender” after “if the offender”.

    (3) Section 131(3) is amended by inserting or the substitute for the offender after made by the offender.

    (4) Section 131(3) is amended by repealing paragraph (b) and substituting the following paragraph:

    • (b) section 128, 129, or 129A, as the case may be, applies as if the disposition by the offender or by the substitute for the offender had not occurred.