Trans-Tasman Proceedings Bill

  • enacted

Hon Simon Power

Trans-Tasman Proceedings Bill

Government Bill


As reported from the Justice and Electoral Committee




1 Title

2 Commencement

Part 1
Preliminary and general provisions

3 Purpose of this Act, objective of Agreement, and Australian Act

4 Purpose of, and guides to, this Act

5 Interpretation

6 References to repealed Australian enactments

7 Trans-Tasman market proceedings provisions not affected

8 Act binds the Crown

9 Overview of regulations for particular purposes

10 Regulations

11 Procedural rules

12 Amendments to, and revocations of, other enactments

Part 2
Trans-Tasman proceedings

Subpart 1Service in Australia of initiating documents for civil proceedings commenced in New Zealand courts and tribunals

12A Guide to this subpart

13 Application of this subpart

14 Service of initiating documents in Australia

15 Effect of service under section 14

16 Information for defendant that must be in or with documents served under section 14

17 Consequences of failing to provide information

18 Time for filing appearance or response document

19 Defendant's address for service

20 Defendant may appear remotely in hearing of application for stay

21 Security for costs

Subpart 2New Zealand courts declining jurisdiction on grounds that Australian court is more appropriate forum

21A Guide to this subpart

22 Application for stay of New Zealand civil proceeding on grounds that Australian court is more appropriate forum

23 Hearing on, or other determination of, application

24 Order of stay of proceeding

25 Exclusive choice of court agreements

26 Power to make stay subject to conditions

27 How this subpart affects New Zealand court's powers to stay proceedings

28 No restraint of proceedings

29 Suspension of limitation periods for claims made earlier in stayed proceedings in Australian courts

Subpart 3New Zealand courts giving interim relief in support of civil proceedings in Australian courts

29A Guide to this subpart

30 Application to New Zealand court for interim relief in support of Australian proceeding

31 Giving of interim relief in support of Australian proceeding

32 Application of New Zealand court procedural rules to interim relief proceeding

Subpart 4Remote appearances unrelated to remote evidence


32A Guide to this subpart

How subpart relates to other Acts

33 Evidence Act 2006 trans-Tasman evidence regime governs remote appearances related to remote evidence

33A Courts (Remote Participation) Act 2010 does not apply to appearances under this subpart

Remote appearances from Australia in New Zealand proceedings

34 Application of sections 35 to 40

35 New Zealand courts or tribunals may give parties in Australia leave to appear remotely in civil proceedings

36 Appearing remotely without leave in hearing of application for stay

37 Remote appearances from Australia by audiovisual link

38 Remote appearances from Australia by audio link

39 Costs of remote appearances from Australia

40 Powers of New Zealand court or tribunal in Australia

Remote appearances from New Zealand in Australian proceedings

41 People in New Zealand appearing remotely in Australian proceedings

42 Powers of Australian courts or tribunals in New Zealand

43 Orders of Australian courts and tribunals

44 Enforcement of orders of Australian courts and tribunals

45 Place from which remote appearance made part of Australian court or tribunal

46 Privileges, protections, and immunities of participants in Australian proceedings

47 Contempt of Australian courts or tribunals

48 Assistance to Australian courts and tribunals

Subpart 5Recognition and enforcement in New Zealand of specified judgments of Australian courts and tribunals

48A Guide to this subpart

49 When registrable Australian judgments are enforceable in New Zealand

50 Registrable Australian judgment defined

51 Orders applying subpart to Australian tribunals and their orders

52 Application to register Australian judgment

53 Registration of registrable Australian judgments

54 Currency

55 Money judgments partly satisfied when entitled person applies for registration

56 Judgments only some provisions of which are registrable

57 Setting aside registration

58 Notice to liable person

59 Effect of registration and notification

60 Restriction on enforcing registered Australian judgments

61 Stay of enforcement of registered judgment so that liable person can challenge it in Australian court or tribunal

62 Costs and expenses of enforcement of registered Australian judgments

63 Interest on registered Australian judgments

64 Enforcement of registered Australian judgment unaffected by certain rules of private international law

Subpart 6Recognition and enforcement in New Zealand of judgments given in Australian trans-Tasman market proceedings

64A Guide to this subpart

65 When judgments given in Australian trans-Tasman market proceedings are registrable under subpart 5

66 Registrable judgments include interim injunctions and other interlocutory orders

67 Registration applications may be made only to High Court

Subpart 7Recognition and enforcement in New Zealand of Australian judgments imposing civil pecuniary penalties

67A Guide to this subpart

68 When judgments imposing civil pecuniary penalties are registrable under subpart 5

69 Registration applications may be made only to specified courts

Subpart 8Recognition and enforcement in New Zealand of Australian judgments imposing regulatory regime criminal fines

69A Guide to this subpart

70 When judgments imposing regulatory regime criminal fines are registrable under subpart 5

71 Registration applications may be made only to High Court

Schedule 1
Trans-Tasman Agreement

Schedule 2
Amendments to, and revocations of, other enactments

Legislative history

The Parliament of New Zealand enacts as follows: