Electoral Referendum Bill

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56 Scope of review
  • (1) The matters that the Electoral Commission must review are—

    • Threshold for list seats
    • (a) the requirement that in order for a party to be eligible for any list seats—

      • (i) it must achieve 5 percent of the total number of party votes; or

      • (ii) a candidate of the party must be elected to an electorate seat; and

    • Overhang
    • (b) the increase in the size of Parliament that occurs if a party's constituency candidates have won more seats than the party is entitled to as a result of the party vote; and

    • Dual candidacy
    • (c) the capacity of a person at a general election to be both a candidate for an electoral district and a candidate whose name is included in a party list in a general election, and the capacity of a member of Parliament who holds a list seat to be a candidate in a by-election; and

    • Order of candidates on party lists
    • (d) a party's ability to determine the order of candidates on its party list and the inability of voters to rank list candidates in order of preference; and

    • Effect of population change on proportionality
    • (e) the ratio of electorate seats to list seats that results from the calculation of the number of general electorate seats and the effect of that calculation on proportionality; and

    • Other matters
    • (f) any other feature of the voting system referred to the Commission under section 5(e) of the 1993 Act.

    (2) In addition to the matters specified in subsection (1), the Electoral Commission may, in undertaking the review, consider other aspects of the mixed member proportional representation voting system.

    (3) Despite subsections (1)(f) and (2), the Electoral Commission must not review—

    • (a) Māori representation:

    • (b) the number of members of Parliament.