Insolvency Practitioners Regulation Bill

  • enacted

Subpart 5—Investigations by Registrar

63 Registrar may start or take over investigation or investigate in conjunction with accredited body


The Registrar may, if satisfied on reasonable grounds that it is in the public interest to do so,—


start an investigation; or


take over an investigation started by an accredited body; or


conduct an investigation in conjunction with an accredited body.


However, the Registrar must not investigate, under this subpart, the conduct of a member of an accredited body in respect of an insolvency engagement unless—


the Registrar is satisfied on reasonable grounds that—


the accredited body has decided not to investigate the matter; or


the matter is not being investigated promptly or otherwise in a reasonable manner by, or on behalf of, the accredited body; or


the accredited body has asked the Registrar to act under this subpart in respect of the matter.


In this subpart, an investigation is an investigation into the conduct of a licensed insolvency practitioner in respect of 1 or more insolvency engagements.


This subpart does not limit any other powers of the Registrar, under any other enactment, to investigate or inquire into any matter.

Compare: 2011 No 21 s 75