Land Transport (Road Safety and Other Matters) Amendment Bill

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Hon Steven Joyce

Land Transport (Road Safety and Other Matters) Amendment Bill

Government Bill


As reported from the Transport and Industrial Relations Committee




1 Title

2 Commencement

3 Principal Act amended

Part 1
Amendments to principal Act

4 Interpretation

5 Drivers to be licensed

6 Drivers not to exceed specified alcohol limits

7 Drivers and other road users to comply with directions of enforcement officers, etc

8 New sections 16A and 16B inserted

9 Doctors and optometrists to give Agency medical reports of persons unfit to drive

10 Road controlling authorities may make certain bylaws

11 New section 24A inserted

12 Minimum age for driver licensing

13 Driver licences are property of Agency and are to be surrendered in certain circumstances

13A Interpretation

14 Agency may grant exemptions or approve alternative fatigue management schemes

15 New sections 30ZB and 30ZC substituted

16 Contravention of section 5(1)(c)

17 Contravention of section 7 or 22 involving injury or death

18 New section 36AA inserted

19 Contravention of section 22A

20 Overloading offences

21 Contravention of section 92(4)

22 New section 55A inserted

23 Contravention of specified breath or blood alcohol limit by person younger than 20

24 New section 57AA inserted

25 Person in charge of motor vehicle causing injury or death

26 Defences

27 Mandatory penalties for repeat offences involving use of alcohol or drugs

28 New sections 65A and 65B inserted

29 Blood test fee

30 Who must undergo evidential breath test

31 Who must give blood specimen at places other than hospital or surgery

32 Who must give blood specimen in hospital or surgery

33 Procedure for dealing with blood specimens

34 Certificates in blood-alcohol proceedings

35 Presumptions relating to blood specimens

36 Presumptions relating to alcohol-testing

37 Circumstances in which certificate not admissible in proceedings

38 Failure to keep or produce records or comply with conditions of exemption or approval

39 Failure to comply with prescribed work time restrictions or rest time requirements

40 Defences to work time offences

41 New section 79PA inserted

42 Failure to discharge duties regarding logbooks

43 Offences and proceedings concerning logbooks

44 New section 79V inserted

45 Effect of disqualification

46 New sections 82A to 82C inserted

47 Particulars of court orders relating to disqualification to be sent to Agency and offender

48 Immediate suspension of transport service driver and other persons in interests of public safety

49 Procedure for suspending person under section 87D

49 New section 87E substituted

50 New sections 90 and 90A substituted

51 Cancellation and reinstatement of demerit points

52 Compulsory attendance at driving improvement course or dangerous goods course

53 Court may order compulsory driving test

54 Mandatory 28-day suspension of driver licence in certain circumstances

55 New section 95A inserted

56 Vehicle seized and impounded for 28 days in certain circumstances

57 Impoundment of vehicle used in transport service

58 Storage of impounded vehicles

59 Release of vehicle after 28 days

60 New section 100A inserted

61 Persons who may apply to court for limited licence

62 Issue of limited licence to be delayed or prohibited in certain cases

63 Court may make order authorising grant of limited licence

64 Enforcement officers may enforce transport legislation

65 Enforcement officers may give directions prohibiting driving of vehicles

66 Powers of entry

67 Enforcement officer may immobilise vehicle, etc, if driver incapable of proper control of vehicle

68 New sections 128D and 128E inserted

69 Owner liability for moving vehicle offences

70 New section 133A inserted

71 Time for instituting proceedings

72 Issue of infringement notice

73 New sections 139A and 139B inserted

74 Provisions relating to infringement fees

75 Evidence and proof

76 Evidence of certain documents

77 Evidence of rules

78 New section 152A inserted

79 Rules concerning licensing, standard-setting, etc

80 Procedure concerning ordinary rules

81 Agency may make emergency rules

82 Matters to be taken into account in making rules

83 New section 165 substituted

84 Regulations

85 Regulations relating to fees and charges for land transport

86 New section 168C inserted

87 Agency to maintain register of driver licences

88 New section 208A inserted

89 Taking of blood specimens for statistical or research purposes

90 New section 209AA inserted

91 New section 212 substituted

92 Transfer provisions for certain employees of Land Transport Safety Agency

93 New sections 224A and 224B inserted

94 Interpretation matters applying to this Part

Part 2
Repeal, revocations, and consequential amendments

95 Repeal

96 Revocations

97 Consequential amendments

Schedule 1
Consequential amendments that come into force 90 days after date of Royal assent

Schedule 2
Consequential amendments that come into force on date specified by Governor-General by Order in Council

Schedule 3
Consequential amendments that come into force on day after date of Royal assent

Legislative history

The Parliament of New Zealand enacts as follows: