Canterbury Earthquake Response and Recovery Bill

  • enacted

Part 1
Preliminary provisions

3 Purpose
  • The purpose of this Act is to—

    • (a) facilitate the response to the Canterbury earthquake:

    • (b) provide adequate statutory power to assist with the response to the Canterbury earthquake:

    • (c) enable the relaxation or suspension of provisions in enactments that—

      • (i) may divert resources away from the effort to—

        • (A) efficiently respond to the damage caused by the Canterbury earthquake:

        • (B) minimise further damage; or

      • (ii) may not be reasonably capable of being complied with, or complied with fully, owing to the circumstances resulting from the Canterbury earthquake:

    • (d) facilitate the gathering of information about any structure or any infrastructure affected by the Canterbury earthquake that is relevant to understanding how to minimise the damage caused by future earthquakes:

    • (e) provide protection from liability for certain acts or omissions.