Aquaculture Legislation Amendment Bill (No 3)

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Hon Phil Heatley

Aquaculture Legislation Amendment Bill (No 3)

Government Bill



Explanatory note

1 Title

2 Commencement

Part 1
Amendments to Aquaculture Reform (Repeals and Transitional Provisions) Act 2004

3 Principal Act amended

4 Purpose

5 Arrangement of this Act

6 Leases and licences deemed to be coastal permits

7 Holder of deemed coastal permit to be treated as holder of fish farm registration pending registration by chief executive

8 New sections 17A and 17B inserted

9 Marine farming permits deemed to be coastal permits

10 Certain spat catching permits deemed to be coastal permits

11 Section 24 repealed

12 Completion of certain matters pending at commencement of Act

13 New sections 25A and 25B inserted

14 Applications after commencement of Act

15 New sections 26A and 26B inserted

16 Order of processing applications and requests for aquaculture decision in relation to aquaculture management area or interim aquaculture management area

17 Holder of deemed coastal permit to be treated as holder of fish farmer registration pending registration by chief executive

18 Interpretation

19 Transfer of provisional catch history

20 New section 44 substituted

21 New heading and sections 44A to 44N inserted

Allocation of authorisations to trustee

Gazetted aquaculture areas

22 Section 45 substituted

23 New sections 47 to 47B substituted

24 Certain coastal permits granted during moratorium not to be exercised until end of moratorium

25 Preferential right for deemed permit holder to apply to coastal permit for occupation

26 Pre-moratorium and pre-commencement applications for coastal permits not subject to moratorium

27 New sections 50A and 50B inserted

28 Off-site farms

29 New section 56 substituted

30 Schedules 1 and 2 added

Part 2
Amendments to Fisheries Act 1996

31 Principal Act amended

32 Interpretation

33 Application of Resource Management Act 1991

34 Interpretation

35 New sections 186D to 186GA substituted

36 Requirements for aquaculture decision

37 Section 186I repealed

38 Judicial review of aquaculture decision

39 New section 186ZD substituted

40 Register of aquaculture agreements

41 New section 186ZF substituted

42 High Court may consent to aquaculture agreement on behalf of non-consenting persons

43 Period within which aquaculture agreements must be lodged for registration

44 No proceedings to be taken against chief executive

45 Memorials

46 New heading and section 186ZM inserted

Pre-request aquaculture agreements

47 General regulations

48 Requirements applying generally to applications and requests under this Act

Part 3
Amendments to Maori Commercial Aquaculture Claims Settlement Act 2004

49 Principal Act amended

50 Interpretation

51 Meaning of settlement assets

52 Heading above section 7 amended

53 Sections 7 to 16 repealed and sections 7 to 7D substituted

54 Expiry, lapsing, or cancellation of coastal permit to occupy space for aquaculture activities

55 Crown's obligations

56 Section 25 repealed

57 Section 26 repealed

58 Allocation of assets to iwi of region

59 Basis of allocation of settlement assets

Part 4
Amendments to Resource Management Act 1991

60 Principal Act amended

61 Interpretation

62 Section 12A repealed

63 Section 12B repealed

64 Functions of Minister of Conservation

65 New section 28B inserted

66 Functions of regional councils under this Act

67 Consideration of alternatives, benefits, and costs

68 Local authority policy on discounting administrative charges

69 Persons who may be given hearing authority

70 Preparation and change of coastal plans

71 Content of regional plans

72 New section 68A inserted

73 When rules in proposed plans and changes have legal effect

74 Class of activities

75 Making an application

76 Consideration of applications

77 Heading above section 107E repealed

78 Section 107E repealed

79 New section 107F inserted

80 Notification

81 When resource consent commences

82 New section 116A inserted

83 Duration of consent

84 New section 123A inserted

85 Lapsing of consents

86 Change or cancellation of consent condition on application by consent holder

87 Circumstances when consent conditions can be reviewed

88 Decisions on review of consent conditions

89 Process if section 149M applies or proposed plan or change not yet prepared

90 New subpart 1 of Part 7A substituted

Regional coastal plan provisions relating to occupation of coastal marine area

Ministerial approval of use of method of allocating authorisations


Ministerial powers in relation to applications for coastal permits to undertake aquaculture activities in coastal marine area

91 Subpart 2 of Part 7A repealed

92 Application

93 Processing applications for existing permit hoders

94 Additional criteria for considering applications for permits for space already used for aquaculture activities

95 Right of objection to consent authority against certain decisions or requirements

96 New sections 360A to 360C inserted

97 Transitional coastal plan occupation charges

98 Schedule 1 amended

99 Schedule 1A repealed

Amendments to regional coastal plans

100 Amendments to Tasman regional coastal plan

101 Amendments to Waikato regional coastal plan

Schedule 1
New Schedules 1 and 2 added

Schedule 2
Amendments to Tasman regional coastal plan

Schedule 3
Amendments to Waikato regional coastal plan

The Parliament of New Zealand enacts as follows: