Biosecurity Law Reform Bill

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Hon David Carter

Biosecurity Law Reform Bill

Government Bill



Explanatory note

1 Title

2 Commencement

Part 1
Amendments to Biosecurity Act 1993

3 Principal Act amended

4 Interpretation

5 New sections 2A and 2B inserted

6 Application of Act to syndromes of uncertain origin

7 Section 4 substituted

8 Section 5 substituted

9 Land may include parts of boundary roads

10 Powers of responsible Minister

11 Section 10 substituted

12 Responsible Minister may require information

13 New cross headings and sections 12A and 12B inserted


Local authorities

14 Powers of regional councils

15 Powers of territorial authorities

16 Transfer of powers, etc., by local authorities

17 Sections 16 to 16B substituted

18 Section 17 substituted

19 Arrival of craft in New Zealand

20 Sections 22 to 22AF and cross heading substituted

Craft risk management standards

21 Process for independent review panel to be established

22 Goods to be cleared for entry into New Zealand

23 Section 26 substituted

24 Sections 27 and 27A substituted

25 Section 28B substituted

26 Uncleared imports

27 Processing unaccompanied goods

28 Boarding of craft

29 Sections 35 and 35A substituted

30 Movement of risk goods

31 Approval of transitional facilities and containment facilities

32 Approval of facility operators

33 New sections 40A to 40F inserted

34 Purpose of Part 4

35 Notifiable organisms

36 Communication of pest or notifiable organism

37 Parts 5 and 5A substituted

Policy direction

Pest management plans

National pest management plans

Regional pest management plans

Pathway management plans

National pathway management plans

Regional pathway management plans

Implementation of plans

Councils' powers and duties relating to regional plans


Funding of implementation of plans

Funding from levy

Funding from rates

Small-scale management programmes

38 Inspectors, authorised persons, and accredited persons

39 New sections 105A to 105F inserted

40 Sections 107 to 107B substituted

41 Power of inspection

42 Section 114 substituted

43 New section 117A inserted

44 Power to seize abandoned goods

45 Section 120 substituted

46 Power to examine organisms

47 Power to apply article or substance to place

48 Prohibition or control of certain tests

49 Power to give directions

50 Inspection of and intervention in transitional facilities and containment facilities

51 Road blocks, cordons, check-points, etc.

52 Options for cost recovery

53 Levies

54 Power of Auditors to require production of statements and records

55 New cross headings and sections 142A to 142T inserted

Biosecurity database

Automated electronic systems

Risk profiling

Disclosure of personal information

Incorporation by reference

56 Purpose of Part 7

57 Declaration of biosecurity emergency

58 Emergency powers

59 Section 146 substituted

60 Biosecurity emergency regulations

61 Sections 154 to 154N substituted and cross headings inserted

Compliance orders

Pecuniary penalties


62 Penalties

63 Proceedings for infringement offences

64 Accelerated infringement notice procedure for border infringement offences

65 Evidence in proceedings

66 New Part 8A inserted

67 Section 162A substituted

68 Protection of inspectors and others

69 New section 164D inserted

70 Section 165 substituted

71 General provisions as to regulations

72 Schedule 2 repealed

73 Transitional provision on pest management

74 Transitional provision on import health standards on ballast water or biofouling

75 Transitional provision on compensation

Part 2
Amendments relating to ballast water

76 Amendments to Maritime Transport Act 1994

Ballast water management levy

Ballast water

77 Amendments to Maritime Transport (Marine Protection Conventions) Order 1999

78 Amendments to Resource Management (Marine Pollution) Regulations 1998

Part 3
Related amendments to other enactments

79 Amendment to Ombudsmen Act 1975

80 Amendments to Wild Animal Control Act 1977

81 Amendments to Wildlife Act 1953

82 Transitional provision on wallabies and possums

83 Consequential amendments and revocations

Consequential amendments and revocations

The Parliament of New Zealand enacts as follows: