National Animal Identification and Tracing Bill

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Hon David Carter

National Animal Identification and Tracing Bill

Government Bill



Explanatory note

1 Title

2 Commencement

Part 1
Preliminary provisions

3 Purpose

4 Interpretation

5 Meaning of NAIT location

6 Act binds the Crown

Part 2

7 Minister must designate entity to act as NAIT organisation

8 Process for designating NAIT organisation

9 Minister may appoint 1 or more persons to perform functions or duties, or exercise powers, of NAIT organisation

10 Functions, duties, and powers of NAIT organisation

11 Board or governing body of NAIT organisation may delegate functions, duties, and powers

12 Minister may issue, amend, or revoke policies and standards

13 NAIT organisation must provide Minister with requested information

14 NAIT organisation may issue, amend, or revoke NAIT animal identification standards

15 NAIT organisation to approve identification systems

16 NAIT organisation may suspend or revoke approval of NAIT identification system

17 NAIT organisation may review NAIT identification systems

18 Functions and duties of information providers and accredited persons dealing with NAIT animals

19 NAIT organisation may issue, amend, or revoke accreditation standards

20 NAIT organisation may accredit entities as information providers and persons dealing with NAIT animals as persons to provide information in lieu of PICAs

21 NAIT organisation may suspend or revoke accreditation of information providers or persons dealing with NAIT animals

22 NAIT organisation must keep register of information providers and accredited persons dealing with NAIT animals

23 NAIT organisation to assess performance of information providers and accredited persons dealing with NAIT animals

Part 3
Obligations of persons participating in NAIT scheme


24 Key obligations

25 Application of obligations

Subpart 1Obligations on PICAs

Registration as PICA

26 Obligation to register as PICA

27 Registration process

28 Registration in respect of saleyard or meat processing facility

Registration of NAIT location

29 Obligation to register NAIT location

Animal identification and registration

30 Obligation to identify and register NAIT animals

Movement and compliance

31 Obligation to declare movement of NAIT animals

32 Obligation to declare NAIT compliance

Subpart 2Other obligations

Death, loss, or export of animals

33 Obligation to declare death, loss, or export

Provision of information

34 Obligations relating to provision of information

35 Obligation on manufacturers of animal identification devices

36 Obligation on other identification system administrators

Exercise of regulation-making power in relation to this Part

37 Regulations exempting compliance with obligations

Part 4
NAIT information system

38 Definitions for this Part

39 Establishment and management

40 Purposes of holding core data

41 Non-core data held by agreement

42 Rules on holding and accessing data

43 Method of making applications

44 Handling of applications

45 Determinations by administrator

46 Determinations by administrator or panel

47 Method of, and conditions on, access

48 Notification of determinations

49 Publication of statistics

50 Complaints procedure

51 Relationship with other laws

Part 5
Compliance and enforcement

Subpart 1General matters

52 Purpose and scope of powers

53 Interpretation


54 Appointment of NAIT officers and NAIT authorised persons

55 Authorisation of officers

Functions and powers generally

56 Functions and powers of NAIT officers and NAIT authorised persons

Subpart 2Powers relevant to administration of NAIT scheme

57 Production of information

58 Audit of core data

59 Power to determine status of person as PICA

60 Power to give directions

61 Power to act if person defaults

62 Holding of property seized or produced under this Part

Rights in respect of things seized or produced

63 Application for release of, or access to, things seized or produced

64 Failure to comply with conditions

65 Application to District Court for access to thing seized or produced

66 Application to District Court for release of thing seized or produced

Subpart 3Powers applying in relation to all livestock

67 Recovery of straying livestock

68 Removal of straying livestock

Subpart 4Powers of NAIT officers to obtain certain orders

Production orders

69 NAIT officer may apply for production order

70 Conditions for making production order

71 Issuing officer may make order

72 Form and content of production order

73 Duration of production order

74 Documents produced under production order

75 Copy of retained document

76 Other provisions applying to production orders

Subpart 5Search and inspection powers

General matters

77 Application of rules in relation to NAIT officers and transfer of things

Consent searches

78 Application of rules about consent searches

79 Purposes for which consent search may be undertaken

80 Advice that must be given before consent search undertaken

81 Circumstances where search by consent unlawful

82 Ability of persons under 14 years to consent to searches of places, vehicles, or other things

83 Exceptions to consent search rules

Search warrants

84 Power to apply for search warrant

85 Application for search warrant

86 Application must be verified

87 Mode of application for search warrant

88 Retention of documents

Issuing of search warrant

89 Restrictions on issue of search warrant

90 Form and content of search warrant

91 Issuing officer may require search warrant report

92 Transmission of search warrant

93 When search warrant executed

94 When search warrant invalid

Carrying out search powers

95 Search powers

96 Remote access search of thing authorised by warrant

97 Items of uncertain status may be seized

98 Powers of persons called to assist

99 Powers of persons called to assist remote access search

100 Limitation on exercise of powers

101 Securing place, vehicle, or other thing to be searched

Establishing search scene

102 Special powers where application for search warrant pending

Seizure of items in plain view

103 Seizure of items in plain view

Inspection without warrant

104 Power of entry without warrant for inspection

Powers relating to vehicles

105 Stopping vehicles with or without warrant for purposes of search

106 Moving vehicle for purpose of search, safekeeping, or road safety

107 Search warrants to enter and search vehicles

108 Duty to remain stopped

109 Duty to provide information

Personal search power

110 Power to detain and search

Computer system searches

111 Duty of persons with knowledge of computer system or other data storage devices to assist access

Identification and notice requirements

112 Identification and notice requirements for person exercising search power (other than remote access search)

113 Identifications and notice requirements for remote access search

114 Inventory of items seized

115 Compliance with certain provisions may be postponed

116 Further postponement of, or dispensation from, obligation to comply with certain provisions

Subpart 6Privilege and confidentiality

117 Recognition of privilege

118 Lawyers' trust accounts

119 Privilege against self-incrimination

120 Other privileges

121 Effect of privilege on search warrants and search powers

122 Search warrants that extend to lawyers' premises or material held by lawyers

123 Search warrant extending to certain other privileged materials

124 Searches otherwise affecting privileged materials

125 Interim steps pending resolution of privilege claim

126 Claims for privilege for things seized or sought to be seized

127 Admission of evidence

Subpart 7Reporting

128 Reporting of exercise of powers within Ministry agency

129 Annual reporting of search powers

Subpart 8Offences and penalties

Offences other than infringement offences

130 Offences relating to stopping vehicles

131 Offence of failing to carry out obligations in relation to computer system search

132 Offences relating to exercise of powers

133 Offences relating to information required by, or held under, this Act

134 Obligation to maintain confidentiality

135 Offence of failing to comply with production order

136 False application for production order or search warrant

137 Offences relating to registration and declarations

138 Offences relating to fitting NAIT devices

139 Offences relating to alteration, removal, reuse, and supply of NAIT devices

140 Offence of failing to comply with directions

Infringement offences

141 Offences that may be proceeded with by way of infringement notice

142 Issue and cancellation of infringement notices

143 Form of infringement notice

144 Payment of infringement fees

General provisions applying to offences under Act

145 Period within which information must be laid

146 Liability of body corporate

147 Liability of principals and agents

148 Liability of director or manager of body corporate

149 Defences must be notified to prosecutor

150 Evidence in proceedings

151 Service of orders or notices

Part 6
Immunities, cost recovery, regulation-making powers, and miscellaneous provisions

Protection from civil and criminal liability

152 Immunities

Cost recovery

153 Costs must be recovered

154 Principles

155 Methods

156 Consultation

157 Regulations may impose fees or charges

158 Regulations may impose levies

159 NAIT organisation to account for levy

160 Levy regulations to be confirmed

161 Failure to pay

162 Charges for services outside this Act

Other regulation-making powers

163 Regulations affecting Schedule 1

164 Other regulations

Transitional provisions

165 Previously approved identification systems may continue

166 First recovery period


167 Repeal of Animal Identification Act 1993

168 Amendments to other enactments

Schedule 1
Animals subject to NAIT scheme

Schedule 2
Enactments amended

The Parliament of New Zealand enacts as follows: