Education Amendment Bill (No 4)

  • enacted

Hon Steven Joyce

Education Amendment Bill (No 4)

Government Bill


As reported from the Education and Science Committee




1 Title

2 Commencement

3 Principal Act amended

Part 1
Amendments to Education Act 1989

Amendments to Part 1 of principal Act

4 Interpretation

5 Right to free primary and secondary education

6 Enrolment of foreign students

7 Certain foreign students may enrol at State schools as of right

8 Fees for foreign students

9 Minister may exempt certain foreign students from payment of fees

10 Boards to reimburse the Crown for expenditure in respect of foreign students

11 Courses for foreign students

12 Right of reconsideration

Amendments to Part 3 of principal Act

13 New Zealand citizens and residents between 6 and 16 to go to school

14 Foreign students and secondary-tertiary programmes

Amendments to Part 7 of principal Act

15 Interpretation

15A Object of provisions relating to tertiary education

Amendments to Part 13 of principal Act

16 Interpretation

16A Importance of tertiary education strategy

16B Ministry may hold and disseminate information

Amendments to Part 15 of principal Act

17 Powers of institutions

18 Effect of disestablishment

Amendments to Part 16 of principal Act

19 Heading to Part 16 amended

20 Courses

21 New section 224 substituted

22 Records relating to students

23 Disclosure of enrolment information by institutions

24 Offences concerning information requests

25 Fees for domestic students

26 New section 227A inserted

28 Fees for foreign students

29 Tertiary institutions to give prospective students information about fees

New Part 18 of principal Act substituted

30 New Part 18 substituted


Programmes and training schemes in which international students enrolled

Applications for registration

Determination of application

Conditions and other requirements of registration

Cancellation and lapse of registration

Fees for domestic students

Information that must be given to prospective students

Protection of student fees

Information sharing with other government departments

Student records

Amendments to Part 18A of principal Act

31 Interpretation

32 New section 238EA inserted

33 Code

34 Export education levy

Amendments to Part 19 of principal Act

35 Functions of Committee

New Part 20 of principal Act substituted

36 New Part 20 substituted


Functions of Qualifications Authority

New Zealand Qualifications Framework

Directory of Assessment Standards

Approval of programmes

Accreditation to provide approved programmes

Training schemes and consents to assess against standards

Consent to assess against standards


Functions and powers of Authority in relation to universities

Granting of awards

Use of certain terms in name of registered establishment


Enforcement powers of Authority


Provisions relating to continuation, constitution, and operation of New Zealand Qualifications Authority

New Part 21 of principal Act inserted

37 New Part 21 inserted

Amendments to Part 22 of principal Act

37A Heading to Part 22 substituted

37B Career Services is service for purposes of this Part

Amendments to Part 24 of principal Act

38 New sections 292 to 292H substituted

Part 2
Transitional arrangements and amendments to other enactments

Transitional provisions

39 Qualifications and standards existing before commencement of this Act

40 Policies and criteria under former section 253 and rules under former section 265

41 Course approvals, accreditations, consents, etc

Transitional provisions relating to private training establishments

42 Transitional arrangements for private training establishments

Amendments to other enactments

43 Amendment to Crown Entities Act 2004

43A Government Superannuation Fund Act 1956

44 Amendment to Ombudsmen Act 1975

45 New Zealand Council for Educational Research (Electoral College) Order 2009


46 Education (Change of Name of Education Entities) Order 2000 revoked

Legislative history

The Parliament of New Zealand enacts as follows: