Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Bill

  • enacted


48  Directions to take or stop taking action
  • (1) The chief executive may direct any local authority or council organisation to take or stop taking any action, or to make or not to make a decision.

    (2) Subsection (1) applies (without limitation) to any action or inaction that is required, authorised, or prevented by or under—

    • (a) a resource consent that is current or has expired, whether or not the consent has been or is being exercised; or

    • (b) section 9 or 124 of the Resource Management Act 1991; or

    • (c) an abatement notice or enforcement order; or

    • (d) a rule in a plan that permits an activity; or

    • (e) a designation or heritage order; or

    • (f) a certificate of compliance under that Act; or

    • (g) an existing use protected or allowed under section 10, 10A, or 10B of that Act.

    (3) Despite subsection (1), the chief executive must not direct any local authority to—

    • (a) set a rate under section 23 of the Local Government (Rating) Act 2002; or

    • (b) take any action or make any decision in relation to rates described in a funding impact statement included in an annual plan or a long-term plan under the Local Government Act 2002.

    (4) A local authority or council organisation must comply with directions given under subsection (1).