Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Bill

  • enacted
50  Call-in notices
  • (1) If a council or council organisation has not complied with a notice given under section 49, the Minister may assume the responsibilities, duties, or powers specified in the notice by issuing a call-in notice.

    (2) A call-in notice must specify the responsibilities, duties, or powers assumed by the Minister and be given to the council or council organisation concerned.

    (3) The council or council organisation concerned must not do anything inconsistent with the terms of the call-in notice.

    (4) The Minister must relinquish any responsibility, duty, or power taken under subsection (1) as soon he or she is satisfied that the need for it has passed.

    (5) The Minister must, as soon as practicable after issuing a call-in notice, present a copy to the House of Representatives.