Freedom Camping Bill

  • enacted

Hon Kate Wilkinson

Freedom Camping Bill

Government Bill


As reported from the Local Government and Environment Committee




1  Title

2  Commencement

Part 1
Preliminary provisions

3  Outline of Act

4  Interpretation

5 Meaning of freedom camp

6 Meaning of local authority area

7 Meaning of conservation land

8 Repeal of freedom camping restriction and prohibition signs provisions

9 Repeal of transitional infringement offence provisions for local authority camping-related bylaws

Part 2
Where freedom camping permitted

Subpart 1Freedom camping in local authority areas

10 Where freedom camping permitted

11 Freedom camping bylaws

11A Bylaws must not absolutely prohibit freedom camping

12 Bylaws treated for some purposes as made under Local Government Act 2002

12 Review of bylaws

12A Application of Local Government Act 2002 to bylaws

Subpart 2Freedom camping on conservation land

13 Where freedom camping permitted

14 Freedom camping restriction and prohibition signs

15 Freedom camping notices

16 Public notification of freedom camping notices

17 Director-General to exercise powers as if Act specified in Schedule 1 of Conservation Act 1987

Part 3
Enforcement, miscellaneous, and transitional provisions

Subpart 1Offences, defences, and penalties

18 Offences

19 Strict liability offences

20 Infringement offences

21 Defences to offences

22 Penalties

23 Infringement fees

24 Offenders liable for cost of damage

Subpart 2Proceedings

25 How proceedings commenced

26 Who proceedings may be commenced against

27 Issue of infringement notices

28 Reminder notices

29 Entitlement to infringement fees

Subpart 3Enforcement officers

30 Appointment of enforcement officers by local authorities

31 Appointment of enforcement officers by Director-General

32 Enforcement officers must produce evidence of appointment

33 Enforcement officers may require certain information

34 Enforcement officers may require certain persons to leave local authority area or conservation land

35 Enforcement officers may seize and impound certain property

36 Requirements relating to seizure and impoundment of boats, caravans, and motor vehicles

37 Return of property seized and impounded

38 Disposal of property seized and impounded

39 Protection against claims resulting from seizing or impounding of property under section 35

Subpart 4Miscellaneous matters

40 Relationship of this Act with other enactments

41 Regulations

42 Orders in Council to specify track as Great Walks Track

43 Evidence in proceedings

Subpart 5Transitional provisions for current camping-related local authority bylaws

44 Purpose of this subpart

45 Infringement offences for camping-related local authority bylaw provisions specified in Schedule 3

46 Infringement offences for camping-related local authority bylaw provisions specified in Schedule 4

47 Empowering legislation otherwise applies to bylaw provisions

48 Descriptions of offences in Schedules 3 and 4

Schedule 1
Great Walks Tracks

Schedule 2
Prescribed forms

Schedule 3
Bylaws breach of which deemed infringement offence

Schedule 4
Bylaws breach of which deemed infringement offence if resolution passed

Legislative history

The Parliament of New Zealand enacts as follows: