Legal Services Amendment Bill

  • enacted

Hon Judith Collins

Legal Services Amendment Bill

Government Bill


As reported from the committee of the whole House


Bill note


1 Title

2 Commencement

3 Principal Act amended

4 Interpretation

5 Proceedings for which legal aid may be granted: criminal matters

7 When legal aid may be granted: civil matters

8 Decision on application for legal aid

9 New section 16A inserted

9A Conditions on grant of legal aid

10 New section 18A inserted

11 Amount payable by aided person to Commissioner

11A Amounts payable under conditions of grant are debts due to Commissioner

12 New section 40 substituted

12A New headings and sections 41A to 41J inserted

13 Commissioner to refund excess payments

13A Reconsideration

13B Grounds for review

13C Approval

14 Review Authority established

15 New sections 87A and 87B inserted

16 Lead provider to claim for payment

17 Secretary to refer claim to Commissioner for decision

18 Cancellation

19 Regulations

19A Service of notices, etc

22 Schedule 3 amended

23 Transitional provision

23AA Liability for fee and expenses incurred in lodging prior caveats


Legislative history

The Parliament of New Zealand enacts as follows: