Prisoners' and Victims' Claims (Redirecting Prisoner Compensation) Amendment Bill

  • discharged on 03 December 2012

Hon Simon Power

Prisoners' and Victims' Claims (Redirecting Prisoner Compensation) Amendment Bill

Government Bill



Explanatory note

1 Title

2 Commencement

3 Principal Act amended

Part 1
Main amendments to principal Act

Amendments to redirect prisoner compensation and for other purposes

4 Purposes of Part

Redirecting prisoner compensation

5 Purpose of this Act

6 Interpretation

7 Overview of this subpart

8 Application

9 New section 12A inserted

10 Restriction on awarding of compensation

11 Guiding considerations for awarding of compensation

12 New section 14A inserted

Preventing expiry of prisoner compensation restrictions and guidance

13 Section 16 repealed

Extending victims' claims process

14 Compensation of prisoners, etc, must be paid to Secretary

Redirecting prisoner compensation

15 Status of money paid to Secretary or into account

16 Procedure if no victims of accused or offender

17 Procedure if no claims filed

18 Further provisions on determination of claims received

19 Procedure if victim or others entitled cannot be found

20 Release of surplus money to offender

21 New section 52A inserted

Suspending limitation periods for victims' claims

22 Application

23 Limitation periods suspended

24 New sections 64A and 64B inserted

Part 2
Saving and repeal amendments to principal Act

Amendments to effect saving and repeal

25 Purpose of Part

Saving for specified claims made before 1 July 2012, related compensation, and related victims' claims

26 New subpart 4 of Part 2 added

Repeal of spent provisions amending other Acts

27 Part 3 repealed

The Parliament of New Zealand enacts as follows: