Game Animal Council Bill

  • enacted

Hon Peter Dunne

Game Animal Council Bill

Government Bill


As reported from the Local Government and Environment Committee




1 Title

2 Commencement

Part 1
Preliminary and key provisions

Subpart 1Preliminary provisions

3 Purposes

4 Interpretation

5 Act binds the Crown

Subpart 2Game Animal Council

6 Establishment of Council

7 Functions of Council

8 Council membership

9 Restriction on membership

10 Terms of office of Council members

11 Remuneration and expenses

12 Chairperson of Council

13 Meetings of Council

14 Minister and Director-General entitled to attend meetings of Council

15 Members not personally liable

Subpart 3Herds of special interest

16 Minister may designate herds of special interest

17 Ownership of herds of special interest

18 Minister's powers

19 Herd management plans

20 Delegation of Minister's powers to Council

21 Notification and exercise of delegated powers

Subpart 4Game trophy export levy

22 Person must pay game trophy export levy

23 Export levies payable to Council

24 Customs officer may detain game trophies

25 Disposal of condemned game trophies

26 Customs to provide information about game trophies

Part 2
Miscellaneous provisions

Subpart 1Offences and penalties

27 Export of game trophies

28 Hunting or killing animals in herd of special interest

29 Capturing, conveying, or possessing game animal that is part of herd of special interest

30 Restrictions on liberation of game animal that is part of herd of special interest

31 Failing to produce authorisation, licence, or permit

Subpart 2Other matters

32 Regulations for game trophy export levies

32 Funding regulations

32B Minister’s recommendation

33 Other regulations

33A Fees and levies payable to Council

34 Enforcement officers and honorary enforcement officers

34A Relationship of this Act with other enactments

35 Review of operation of Act

36 Consequential amendments

Schedule 1
Enforcement officers and honorary enforcement officers

Schedule 2
Consequential amendment to Public Finance Act 1989

Schedule 3
Consequential amendments to other enactments

Legislative history

The Parliament of New Zealand enacts as follows: