State Sector Amendment Bill

  • enacted

Hon Dr Jonathan Coleman

State Sector Amendment Bill

Government Bill


As reported from the committee of the whole House


Bill note


1 Title

2 Commencement

3 Principal Act

4 Long Title repealed

5 New section 1A inserted (Purpose)

6 Section 2 amended (Interpretation)

7 New section 2A inserted

8 Cross-heading above section 4 amended

9 New section 4A inserted (Role of Commissioner)

10 Section 5 amended (Duty of Commissioner to act independently)

11 Section 6 replaced (Functions of Commissioner)

12 Section 8 amended (Power of Commissioner to conduct inspections and investigations)

13 Section 9 amended (Power to obtain information)

14 Section 14 amended (Acting Commissioner or acting Deputy Commissioner)

15 Section 17 amended (Vacation of office)

16 Section 23 amended (Delegation of functions or powers)

17 Section 27 replaced (Public Service defined)

18 Section 28 amended (Delegation of functions or powers of appropriate Minister)

19 Section 30A amended (Amendment of Schedule 1 to reflect reorganisations within Public Service)

20 Sections 30C to 30G repealed

21 Section 30H amended (Consequential changes to references to departments following reorganisations)

22 Section 30I amended (Consequential changes to references to chief executives following reorganisations)

23 Section 30J amended (Application of consequential changes to references)

23A Section 30K amended (Other saving and transitional matters arising from reorganisations within Public Service)

23B Section 30L amended (Effect of reorganisations within Public Service)

24 Section 31 amended (Chief executives)

25 Section 32 replaced (Principal responsibilities)

26 Section 33 replaced (Duty to act independently)

27 Section 34 amended (Functions, responsibilities, duties, and powers)

28 Section 35 amended (Appointment of chief executives)

29 Section 36 amended (Reappointment of chief executives)

30 Section 37 amended (Appointment and reappointment of Government Statistician)

31 New section 37A inserted (Transfer of chief executives)

32 Section 38 amended (Conditions of employment of chief executives)

33 Section 39 amended (Removal from office)

34 Section 40 amended (Acting chief executive)

35 Section 41 amended (Delegation of functions or powers)

36 Section 43 amended (Review of performance of chief executive)

37 Section 44 amended (Special provisions in relation to certain chief executives)

38 Sections 46 to 48 replaced

39 Section 49 amended (Secondments)

40 Section 50 replaced (Other organisations in State services)

41 Part 5 heading replaced

42 New subpart 1 of Part 5 and subpart 2 of Part 5 heading inserted

43 Section 56 amended (General principles)

44 Section 57 amended (Commissioner may set minimum standards of integrity and conduct)

45 Section 57A amended (Agencies must comply with minimum standards except in particular circumstances)

46 Section 57C amended (Commissioner's powers when setting and enforcing minimum standards)

47 Section 58 amended (Equal employment opportunities)

48 Section 59 replaced (Employees of departments)

49 Sections 61A and 61B replaced

49A Section 61C amended (Union coverage where department ceases to be part of Public Service)

50 New section 61D inserted (Application of collective agreements to employees following reorganisations)

51 New section 66 inserted (Certain sections do not apply in relation to ministerial staff)

51A Section 77 replaced (Protection from liability)

52 Section 77C amended (Performance of teachers)

53 Section 85 amended (Offence to attempt to influence Commissioner or chief executive)

54 Section 86 replaced (Protection from liability)

55 Section 91 repealed (Transitional provisions for permanent heads)

56 New Schedule 1A inserted

56A Amendment to Tax Administration Act 1994

57 Consequential amendments to Crown Proceedings Act 1950

57A Consequential amendments to Clerk of the House of Representatives Act 1988

57B Consequential amendments to Parliamentary Service Act 2000

57C Amendment relating to Legislation Act 2012


Schedule 1
New Schedule 1A inserted into principal Act


Legislative history

The Parliament of New Zealand enacts as follows: