Social Security (Benefit Categories and Work Focus) Amendment Bill

  • enacted

Transfer to emergency benefit of certain people 65 years old or older

25A Section 61 amended (Chief executive may grant emergency benefit in cases of hardship)
  • (1) After section 61(1A), insert:

    • (1B) This subsection applies to a person if, after the commencement of this subsection and before 15 July 2013, the person is aged 65 years old or older and is receiving a benefit under this Act that is not—

      • (a) a domestic purposes benefit for care of the sick or infirm; or

      • (b) an emergency benefit; or

      • (c) an invalid’s benefit; or

      • (d) temporary additional support.

    • (1C) The chief executive may cancel the benefit being received by a person to whom subsection (1B) applies and grant the person instead an emergency benefit payable at the same rate of benefit as the benefit the person was receiving.

    • (1D) In exercising the power given by subsection (1C), the chief executive is not required to—

      • (a) exercise discretion; or

      • (b) determine whether the person would meet the requirements in subsection (1) for an emergency benefit.

    (2) Section 61(1B) to (1D) (as inserted by subsection (1)) are repealed on 15 July 2013.