Education Amendment Bill

  • enacted

Hon Hekia Parata

Education Amendment Bill

Government Bill


As reported from the Education and Science Committee




1 Title

2 Commencement

3 Principal Act

Part 1
Amendments to principal Act

Right to free primary and secondary education

4 Section 2 amended (Interpretation)

5 Section 3 amended (Right to free primary and secondary education)

6 Section 7A amended (Certain domestic students may be required to pay fees for tuition from correspondence schools)

Expulsion and exclusion of students and attendance at school

7 Section 16 amended (Secretary's powers when excluded student younger than 16)

8 Section 17D amended (Re-enrolment of excluded or expelled student)

9 Section 25 amended (Students required to enrol must attend school)

10 Section 31 amended (Ensuring attendance of students)

Secondary-tertiary programmes

11 Section 31B amended (Provider group for secondary-tertiary programme)

12 Section 31F amended (Recognition as lead provider of secondary-tertiary programme)

13 Section 31G amended (Lead provider to co-ordinate secondary-tertiary programme)

14 Section 31I amended (Entry into secondary-tertiary programme)

Multiple timetable arrangements

15 New section 65DA inserted (Multiple timetable arrangements)

Functions and powers of boards

16 Section 75 replaced (Boards to control management of schools)

Enrolment records

17 Section 77A amended (Enrolment records)

Annual financial statements of boards

18 Section 87C amended (Annual financial statements of boards)

School boards

19 Section 98 replaced (Boards of newly established schools)

20 Section 101 amended (Elections of trustees)

21 Section 105A amended (Minister may approve alternative constitution in certain cases)

22 Section 110 amended (Boards may combine)

Teacher registration

23 Section 120 amended (Interpretation)

24 Section 120A amended (Restrictions on appointment of teachers)

25 Section 120B amended (Restrictions on continued employment of teachers)

26 Section 137 amended (Offences)

Corporal punishment

27 Section 139A amended (No corporal punishment in early childhood services or registered schools)

Surrender and retention of property and searches

28 New sections 139AAA to 139AAG inserted

Secretary may require information for proper administration of Act

29 Section 144A amended (Secretary may require information for proper administration of Act)

Merging schools

30 Section 156A replaced (Minister may merge schools)

Partnership schools kura hourua

31 New Part 12A inserted

Approval and operation of partnership schools kura hourua

Enrolment in partnership schools kura hourua

Multiple timetable arrangements


Courses and visits

Application of Act to partnership schools kura hourua

Application of other Acts to partnership schools kura hourua

New Zealand Qualifications Authority

32 Section 246 amended (Interpretation)

33 Section 246A amended (Functions of Authority)

Early childhood education and care centres

34 Section 319J replaced (Centres situated on property owned by the Crown)

National student numbers

35 Section 342 amended (Interpretation)

36 Section 343 amended (Assigning national student numbers)

37 Section 344 amended (Use of national student numbers)

38 Section 345 amended (Student may use or disclose own national student number)

39 Section 346 amended (Offences)

Part 2
Transitional provisions and consequential amendments

Transitional provisions

40 Transitional provision relating to Criminal Procedure Act 2011

40A Transitional provision relating to Legislation Act 2012

Consequential amendments

40B Amendment to Accident Compensation Act 2001

40C Amendment to Births, Deaths, Marriages, and Relationships Registration Act 1995

40D Amendments to Health Act 1956

40E Amendments to Immigration Act 2009

40F Amendment to Income Tax Act 2007

41 Amendment to Local Government (Rating) Act 2002

42 Amendment to Official Information Act 1982

43 Amendments to Ombudsmen Act 1975

Legislative history

The Parliament of New Zealand enacts as follows: