Statutes Amendment Bill

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Hon Chester Borrows

Statutes Amendment Bill

Government Bill


As reported from the Government Administration Committee




1 Title

2 Commencement

Part 1
Accident Compensation Act 2001

3 Principal Act

3A Section 34 amended (Cover for personal injury caused by medical misadventure before 1 July 2005)

4 Section 216 amended (Levy categories)

4A Section 325 amended (Regulations relating to ancillary services for rehabilitation)

5 Section 331 amended (Consultation requirements for regulations relating to levy setting)

5 Section 360 amended (Claim for cover under former Acts not lodged until on or after 1 April 2002)

Part 2
Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Act 2009

6 Principal Act

7 Section 5 amended (Interpretation)

8 Section 16 amended (Standard customer due diligence: verification of identity requirements)

9 Section 18 amended (Circumstances when simplified customer due diligence applies)

10 Section 27 amended (Wire transfers: identity requirements)

11 Section 28 amended (Wire transfers: verification of identity requirements)

12 Section 130 amended (AML/CFT supervisors)

13 Section 134 amended (Delegation of supervisory function and powers)

Part 3
Aquaculture Reform (Repeals and Transitional Provisions) Act 2004

14 Principal Act

15 Section 20A amended (Marine Farming Permit 364 for Waikato Communal Area)

Part 4
Armed Forces Discipline Act 1971

16 Principal Act

17 Section 101A amended (Judge Advocate General may grant bail pending trial)

18 Armed Forces Discipline Rules of Procedure 2008 consequentially amended

Part 5
Births, Deaths, Marriages, and Relationships Registration Act 1995

19 Principal Act

20 Section 89A amended (Electronic transactions)

Part 6
Children, Young Persons, and Their Families Act 1989

21 Principal Act

22 New section 2A inserted (Transitional and savings provisions relating to amendments to this Act)

23 Section 311 amended (Supervision with residence order)

24 Section 314 amended (Court must in certain cases release young person from custody before expiry of supervision with residence order)

25 Section 317 amended (When supervision with residence order ceases to have effect)

26 Section 356 amended (Effect of notice of appeal on certain orders)

27 New Schedule 1AA inserted

Part 7
Companies Act 1993

28 Principal Act

29 Section 2 amended (Interpretation)

30 Section 6 repealed (Extended meaning of subsidiary)

31 Section 22 amended (Application for reservation of name)

32 Section 151 amended (Qualifications of directors)

33 Section 280 amended (Qualifications of liquidators)

34 Section 316A repealed (Transitional provision in relation to voidable transactions)

35 Section 333 amended (Name to be reserved before carrying on business)

36 New sections 399 to 401 inserted

37 Schedule 4 amended

38 Repeals

39 Amendments to other Acts

Part 8
Criminal Investigations (Bodily Samples) Act 1995

40 Principal Act

41 Section 4A amended (Detained under sentence of imprisonment)

42 Section 24P amended (Information that may be kept on Part 2B temporary databank)

43 Section 36 amended (Withdrawal of consent after sample taken)

44 Section 39C amended (Date and place for taking of sample to be specified in databank compulsion notice)

45 Section 40 amended (Databank compulsion notice of no effect if conviction for relevant offence quashed)

46 Section 41 amended (Databank compulsion notice hearing may be requested on certain grounds)

47 Section 43A amended (Change of circumstances before databank compulsion notice hearing takes place or is completed)

48 Section 44 amended (Further databank compulsion notice)

49 Section 45 amended (Judge may issue warrant for arrest and detention)

50 Section 47 amended (Variation by Judge on application of place and date for taking sample)

51 Section 60A amended (Disposal of bodily samples and identifying information obtained under Part 2B)

52 Section 61 amended (Extension of period for which sample may be retained)

53 Section 62 amended (Disposal of bodily samples and identifying information obtained under Part 3)

Part 8A
Disputes Tribunals Act 1988

53A Principal Act

53B Section 7 amended (Appointment of Referees)

Part 9
District Courts Act 1947

54 Principal Act

55 Section 80 amended (Enforcement of judgments more than 6 years old)

56 Section 84N amended (Review of Registrar's decision)

Part 10
Electoral Act 1993

57 Principal Act

58 Section 127A amended (Deposit by party secretary)

59 Section 146F amended (Deposit payable in respect of bulk nomination schedule)

Part 11
Extradition Act 1999

60 Principal Act

61 Section 101B amended (Certain crimes with transnational aspects deemed to be included in extradition treaties)

Part 12
Flags, Emblems, and Names Protection Act 1981

62 Principal Act

63 New section 18A inserted (Unauthorised use of words and emblems relating to 28th Māori Battalion)

64 New Schedule 2A inserted

Part 13
Gambling Act 2003

65 Principal Act

66 Section 286 amended (Bank accounts)

Part 14
Health Act 1956

67 Principal Act

68 Section 69G amended (Interpretation)

69 Section 69V amended (Duty to take all practicable steps to comply with drinking-water standards)

70 Section 69Z amended (Duty to prepare and implement public health risk management plan)

71 Section 69ZA amended (Medical officer of health may require preparation and implementation of public health risk management plan)

72 Section 69ZB amended (Duration of plans)

73 Section 69ZC amended (Review and renewal of plans)

74 Section 69ZD amended (Duty to keep records and make them available)

75 Section 69ZL amended (Functions of drinking-water assessors)

76 Section 69ZP amended (Powers of drinking-water assessors and designated officers)

77 Section 69ZW amended (Review of decisions of drinking-water assessors)

78 Section 69ZZR amended (Offences against sections in this Part)

79 Section 69ZZT amended (Offences involving deception)

Part 15
Health and Disability Commissioner Act 1994

80 Principal Act

81 Section 9 amended (Deputy Commissioners and Mental Health Commissioner)

82 Section 38 amended (Commissioner may decide to take no action on complaint)

83 Section 47 amended (Director of Proceedings' right to participate in disciplinary and other proceedings)

Part 16
Insolvency Act 2006

84 Principal Act

85 Section 364 amended (Debtor disqualified from entry to no asset procedure in certain cases)

Part 16A
Legislation Act 2012

85A Principal Act

85B Schedule amended

Part 16B
Local Government Act 2002

85C Principal Act

85D Section 259J repealed (Application of Regulations (Disallowance) Act 1989 to standards incorporated by reference)

Part 17
Maori Commercial Aquaculture Claims Settlement Act 2004

86 Principal Act

87 Section 11 amended (Settlement in negotiation period)

Part 18
Parental Leave and Employment Protection Act 1987

88 Principal Act

89 Section 71C amended (Interpretation of this Part)

Part 19
Passports Act 1992

90 Principal Act

91 New section 27H and cross-heading inserted

92 Consequential amendment to Schedule 1A of Births, Deaths, Marriages, and Relationships Registration Act 1995

Part 20
Private Security Personnel and Private Investigators Act 2010

93 Principal Act

94 Section 48 amended (Notice of application for certificate of approval)

95 Section 49 amended (Objections by Police to application for certificate of approval)

96 Section 110 amended (Misleading conduct)

Part 21
Real Estate Agents Act 2008

97 Principal Act

98 Section 40 amended (Objections to issue of licence)

99 Section 41 amended (Written submission in response by applicant)

100 Section 42 replaced (Registrar to hold hearing if notice of objection made)

101 Section 43 amended (Registrar to license applicant or decline application)

102 Section 75 amended (Authority to appoint Complaints Assessment Committees)

103 Section 110 amended (Determination of charges and orders that may be made if charge proved)

104 Section 133 amended (Approved guide to be provided when contractual document provided)

Part 22
Road User Charges Act 2012

105 Principal Act

106 Section 5 amended (Interpretation)

107 Section 12 amended (RUC vehicles issued with permit must have distance licence for RUC vehicle type H or additional licence)

Part 23
Social Welfare (Transitional Provisions) Act 1990

108 Principal Act

Principal Act renamed: amendments to principal Act

109 Name of principal Act changed

110 Title repealed

111 Section 1 amended (Short Title and commencement)

112 Part 1 heading amended

113 Cross-heading above section 19 repealed

Principal Act renamed: consequential amendments to other enactments

114 Child Support Act 1991 amended consequentially

114A Child Support Amendment Act 2013 amended consequentially

115 Customs and Excise Act 1996 amended consequentially

116 Income Tax Act 2007 amended consequentially

117 New Zealand Superannuation and Retirement Income Act 2001 amended consequentially

118 Public Bodies Contracts Act 1959 amended consequentially

119 Social Security Act 1964 amended consequentially

120 Tax Administration Act 1994 amended consequentially

121 War Pensions Act 1954 amended consequentially

New Zealand Artificial Limb Board renamed

122 Part 3 heading amended

123 Section 42 amended (Interpretation)

124 Section 43 amended (New Zealand Artificial Limb Board)

125 Section 44 amended (Functions)

126 Section 46 amended (Membership of Board)

127 Section 48 amended (Review of operation of Board)

128 Section 49 amended (Further provisions applying to Board)

129 Schedule 3 amended

130 Crown Entities Act 2004 amended consequentially

131 Ombudsmen Act 1975 amended consequentially

132 Public Bodies Contracts Act 1959 amended consequentially

133 Social Security Act 1964 amended consequentially

Part 24
Statistics Act 1975

134 Principal Act

135 New section 33A inserted (Waiver of obligation to answer questions)

Part 25
Summary Proceedings Act 1957

136 Principal Act

137 Part 2 of Schedule 1 amended

Part 25A
Tariff Act 1988

137A Principal Act

137B Section 9C amended (Application of Legislation Act 2012)

Part 26
Telecommunications Act 2001

138 Principal Act

139 Section 69E amended (Requirements for sharing arrangements)

140 Section 69P amended (Register of non-retail users)

141 Section 155B amended (Interpretation)


Part 28
Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007

164 Principal Act

165 Section 58 amended (Regulations)

Part 29
Wills Act 2007

166 Principal Act

167 Section 40A amended (Application of Wills (Validity) Amendment Act 2012)

Part 30
Wine Act 2003

168 Principal Act

169 Section 14 amended (Contents of and requirements for wine standards management plans)

Schedule 1
New Schedule 1AA inserted

Schedule 2
Amendments to other Acts to remove references to Companies Act 1955

Schedule 3
New Schedule 2A inserted in Flags, Emblems, and Names Protection Act 1981

Schedule 4
Amendment to Schedule of Legislation Act 2012: item relating to Biosecurity Act 1993 replaced

Legislative history

The Parliament of New Zealand enacts as follows: