Ngāti Apa ki te Rā Tō, Ngāti Kuia, and Rangitāne o Wairau Claims Settlement Bill

  • enacted

This bill was formerly part of the Te Tau Ihu Claims Settlement Bill as reported from the Māori Affairs Committee. The Clerk of the House has divided it into the following bills:

  • this bill comprising clauses 1 and 2, Parts 1 to 3, and Schedules 1 to 4

  • Ngāti Kōata, Ngāti Rārua, Ngāti Tama ki Te Tau Ihu, and Te Ātiawa o Te Waka-a-Māui Claims Settlement Bill comprising Parts 4 to 7 and Schedules 5 to 9

  • Ngati Toa Rangatira Claims Settlement Bill comprising Parts 8 to 10 and Schedules 10 to 14

  • Haka Ka Mate Attribution Bill comprising Part 11 and Schedule 15