Vulnerable Children Bill

  • enacted

Hon Paula Bennett

Vulnerable Children Bill

Government Bill


As reported from the committee of the whole House


Bill note


1 Title

2 Commencement

3 Act binds the Crown

Part 1
Government priorities for vulnerable children and vulnerable children’s plan

4 Purpose of this Part

5 Interpretation

6 Improving the well-being of vulnerable children

7 Government priorities for vulnerable children

8 Preparation of vulnerable children’s plan

9 Content of vulnerable children’s plan

10 Duration of vulnerable children’s plan

11 Effect of vulnerable children’s plan

12 Review and amendment or replacement of plan

13 Accountabilities

Part 2
Child protection policies

14 Purpose of this Part

15 Interpretation

16 Prescribed State services to adopt, report on, and require child protection policies

17 DHBs boards to adopt, report on, and require child protection policies

18 School boards to adopt and require child protection policies

19 Content of child protection policy

20 Effect of child protection policy

Part 3
Children's worker safety checking

21 Purpose of this Part

22 Application to Crown

23 Interpretation

24 Specified organisation defined

Obligations of specified organisations

25 Safety checks of new children's workers

26 Safety checks of existing children's workers

27 Periodic safety checks of children's workers

28 Core worker convicted of specified offence not to be employed or engaged


29 Defence of taking all reasonable steps

30 Defence relating to short-term emergencies

Safety checks

31 Requirements of safety checks


32 Regulations prescribing requirements for safety checks

33 Other regulations

33A Transitional provision relating to local authorities, etc

Exemption for workers convicted of specified offence

34 Exemption for certain individuals

35 Application for exemption

36 Revocation of exemption

37 Appeal against decision not to grant, or to revoke, exemption

Monitoring compliance

38 Requirement to provide information to chief executives


39 Approval of screening services

40 Prosecution of offences

Consequential amendments to other enactments

41 Amendments to Crown Organisations (Criminal Liability) Act 2002

42 Amendment to Sentencing Act 2002

43 Amendment to Criminal Records (Clean Slate) Act 2004


Schedule 1
Regulated services

Schedule 2
Specified offences

Legislative history

The Parliament of New Zealand enacts as follows: