Local Government Act 2002 Amendment Bill (No 3)

  • enacted

Hon Peseta Sam Lotu-Iiga

Local Government Act 2002 Amendment Bill (No 3)

Government Bill


As reported from the committee of the whole House



1 Title

2 Commencement

3 Principal Act

Part 1
Amendments to principal Act

4 Section 5 amended (Interpretation)

4A Section 7 amended (Exempted organisations)

5 New section 8A inserted (Provisions affecting application of amendments to this Act)

6 Section 11A amended (Core services to be considered in performing role)

7 Section 14 amended (Principles relating to local authorities)

8 Section 15 replaced (Triennial agreements)

9 Section 16 amended (Significant new activities proposed by regional council)

10 Section 17 replaced (Transfer of responsibilities)

11 New section 17A inserted (Delivery of services)

12 Section 23 amended (Description of local government)

13 Section 24 amended (Scope of local government reorganisation)

13A Section 27 amended (Application to be called city council or district council)

14 Section 42 amended (Chief executive)

15 New subpart 1A of Part 4 inserted

16 Section 56 amended (Consultation required before council-controlled organisation established)

17 Section 61 replaced (Certain goods and services to be supplied under purchase contracts)

18 New section 76AA and cross-heading inserted

19 Section 77 amended (Requirements in relation to decisions)

20 Section 79 amended (Compliance with procedures in relation to decisions)

21 Section 82 amended (Principles of consultation)

22 New section 82A inserted (Information requirements for consultation required under this Act)

23 Section 83 replaced (Special consultative procedure)

24 Section 84 repealed (Special consultative procedure in relation to long-term plan)

25 Section 85 repealed (Use of special consultative procedure in relation to annual plan)

26 Section 86 replaced (Use of special consultative procedure in relation to making, amending, or revoking bylaws)

27 Sections 89 and 90 repealed

28 Section 93 amended (Long-term plan)

29 New sections 93A to 93G inserted

30 Section 94 amended (Audit of long-term plan)

31 Section 95 amended (Annual plan)

32 New sections 95A and 95B inserted

33 Section 101A amended (Financial strategy)

34 New section 101B inserted (Infrastructure strategy)

35 Section 102 amended (Funding and financial policies)

36 Section 106 amended (Policy on development contributions or financial contributions)

37 Section 108 amended (Policy on remission and postponement of rates on Māori freehold land)

38 Section 109 amended (Rates remission policy)

39 Section 110 amended (Rates postponement policy)

40 Section 123 amended (Outline of Part)

41 Section 125 amended (Requirement to assess water and other sanitary services)

42 New section 126 inserted (Purpose of assessments)

43 Section 139 amended (Protection of regional parks)

44 Section 150 amended (Fees may be prescribed by bylaw)

45 New sections 150A to 150F and cross-heading inserted

46 Section 156 amended (Special consultative procedure must be used in making, amending, or revoking bylaw made under this Act)

47 Section 160 amended (Procedure for and nature of review)

48 New sections 197AA and 197AB inserted

49 Section 197 amended (Interpretation)

50 Section 198 amended (Power to require contributions for developments)

51 New section 198A inserted (Restrictions on power to require contributions for reserves)

52 Section 199 amended (Basis on which development contributions may be required)

53 New sections 199A to 199N inserted

54 Section 200 amended (Limitations applying to requirement for development contribution)

55 New section 201A inserted (Schedule of assets for which development contributions will be used)

56 Section 202 amended (Contents of schedule to development contributions policy)

57 New section 202A inserted (Reconsideration process to be in development contributions policy)

58 Section 203 amended (Maximum development contributions not to be exceeded)

59 Section 206 amended (Alternative uses of development contributions for reserves)

60 New sections 207A to 207F and cross-heading inserted

61 Section 208 amended (Powers of territorial authority if development contributions not paid or made)

62 Section 235 amended (Offences by members of local authorities)

63 Section 252 amended (Recovery of debts)

64 Section 255 amended (Application of this Part)

65 Section 259 amended (Regulations)

67 New Schedule 1AA inserted

68 Schedule 3 amended

69 Schedule 6 amended

70 Schedule 7 amended

71 Schedule 10 amended

72 Schedule 13 amended

73 New schedule 13A inserted

73A Consequential amendments to principal Act

Part 2
Amendments to other enactments

74 Amendments to Local Electoral Act 2001

75 Amendments to Local Government (Auckland Council) Act 2009

76 Consequential amendments to other enactments

Schedule 1
New Schedule 1AA inserted in principal Act

Schedule 2
Schedule 3 amended

Schedule 3
Schedule 6 amended

Schedule 4
Schedule 7 amended

Schedule 5
Schedule 10 amended

Schedule 6
Amendment to Schedule 13

Schedule 7
New Schedule 13A inserted in principal Act

Schedule 7A
Consequential amendments to principal Act

Schedule 8
Amendments to Local Electoral Act 2001

Schedule 9
Amendments to Local Government (Auckland Council) Act 2009

Schedule 10
Consequential amendments to other enactments

Legislative history

The Parliament of New Zealand enacts as follows: