Auditor Regulation Amendment Bill

  • enacted

Hon Paul Goldsmith

Auditor Regulation Amendment Bill

Government Bill


As reported from the committee of the whole House


Bill note


1 Title

2 Commencement

3 Principal Act

4 Section 6 amended (Interpretation)

5 Section 9 amended (Audit firms engaged or appointed to act as auditor in respect of FMC audits must be registered)

6 Section 10 amended (Partners who are responsible if FMC audit not carried out in accordance with requirements)

7 Section 25 amended (Accredited body may authorise registration of audit firms)

8 Section 26 amended (FMA may authorise registration of overseas audit firms)

9 Section 29 amended (Cancellation of registration)

10 Section 30 amended (Relevant body must give notice before exercising power)

10A Section 31 amended (Appeals in respect of registration matters)

11 Section 34 amended (Minimum standards for registration of audit firm)

12 Section 40 amended (Purpose of register)

13 Section 41 amended (Contents of register)

14 Section 61 amended (Effect of cancellation or suspension on licences issued and registrations authorised by accredited body or former accredited body)

15 Section 63 amended (Appeals)

16 Section 71 amended (Consequences of failing to comply with directions)

17 Section 75 amended (FMA may start or take over investigation or investigate in conjunction with accredited body)

18 Section 77 amended (Accredited body must give reasonable assistance)

19 Section 78 amended (Disciplinary powers of FMA)

20 Section 79 amended (Miscellaneous matters relating to orders)

21 Section 80 amended (FMA may take over and perform regulatory functions)

22 Section 84 amended (Regulations)


Legislative history

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