Environmental Reporting Bill

  • enacted
10 Content of domain reports
  • (1) Each domain report must describe, in relation to the topics for the time being prescribed in regulations made under section 18, all of the following matters:

    • (a) the state of the domain the report relates to, including biodiversity and ecosystems dependent on that domain:; and

    • (b) the pressures that may be causing, or have the potential to cause, changes to the state of the domain:; and

    • (c) the impacts that the state of the environment and changes to the state of the environment may be having on the following: each of the following impact categories:

      • (i) ecological integrity:; and

      • (ii) public health:; and

      • (iii) economic benefits derived from utilising natural resources:

      • (iii) the economy; and

      • (iiia) te ao Māori; and

      • (iv) culture and recreation.

    (2) In addition to the matters set out in subsection (1), each domain report must describe—

    • (a) changes to the state of the domain over time, including, if information in the report is able to be compared with that in a previous domain report, changes to the state of the domain since that previous report was published:

    • (b) how the state of the domain measures against national or international standards.

    (3) The Secretary and the Government Statistician are not required to include in domain reports information that cannot be obtained by using reasonable efforts.