Environmental Reporting Bill

  • enacted
16 Disclosure of information
  • (1) If any person involved in producing or publishing environmental reports receives a request for disclosure of information or analysis that will be, or has been, used in an environmental report to be published, that person must refer the request to the Secretary and the Government Statistician.

    (2) The Secretary and the Government Statistician may, in response to a request referred to them under subsection (1), order that the information or analysis not be disclosed if they are of the opinion that—

    • (a) disclosure of the information or analysis would compromise the independence of the report; or

    • (b) the information or analysis is integral to significant findings or conclusions of the report.

    (3) Information or analysis must not be disclosed without the consent of both the Secretary and the Government Statistician.

    (4) This section applies despite any other enactment.