Education Amendment Bill (No 2)

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Hon Hekia Parata

Education Amendment Bill (No 2)

Government Bill


As reported from the Education and Science Committee




1 Title

2 Commencement

3 Principal Act

Part 1
Amendments to principal Act

4 Section 87 amended (Annual reports)

4A Section 158D amended (Partnership School Contracts)

5 Parts 10 and 10A repealed

Governance of tertiary institutions

6 Sections 171 and 173 replaced

7 Section 174 amended (Vacation of office)

8 Section 176 replaced (Casual vacancies)

9 New sections 176A to 176E inserted

10 Section 177 amended (Chairperson and deputy chairperson)

10A Section 178 amended (Meetings of councils)

11 Section 194 amended (Statutes)

12 Sections 222AB, 222AC, 222AE, 222AH, and 222AI repealed

Private training establishments

13 Section 233 amended (Grant or refusal of application)

14 Section 233D amended (Cancellation of registration)

15 Section 233E replaced (Effect of cancellation)

16 Section 234 amended (Lapse of registration)

17 Section 234C amended (Interpretation)

18 Section 234E amended (Student fees must be deposited with independent trustee)

19 Section 235A amended (Refund entitlements of international students)

20 Section 235B amended (Refund requirements set by Gazette notice)

21 Section 236A amended (Duties of private training establishments to maintain student records)

International students

22 Section 238D replaced (Interpretation)

23 Section 238E amended (Signatories to code may enrol persons as international students)

24 Section 238F amended (Code)

25 Section 238G replaced (Sanctions)

26 Section 238I amended (Purpose and administration of export education levy)

27 New sections 238J to 238M inserted

New Zealand Qualifications Authority

28 Section 250A amended (Conditions on accreditation)

29 Section 250C amended (Withdrawal of accreditation)

30 Section 251A amended (Conditions of training scheme approval)

31 Section 252A amended (Conditions)

32 Section 253 amended (Rules)

33 Section 255 amended (Compliance notices)

34 Section 255A amended (Powers of entry and inspection)


35 Section 292B amended (Liability of body corporate and directors in respect of false representations)

36 Section 292C amended (Offence to issue false qualifications and falsify records)

37 New sections 299A and 299B inserted

Teacher registration and Education Council

38 New Parts 31 and 32 inserted

Restrictions on appointment and employment of teaching staff

Teacher registration

Limited authority to teach

Miscellaneous provisions

Education Council

Mandatory reporting

Disciplinary functions

Review of competence

Police vetting


39 New Schedules 19 to 22 inserted

Part 2
Consequential amendments

Acts amended

40 Crown Entities Act 2004

41 Education Standards Act 2001

42 Ombudsmen Act 1975

43 Privacy Act 1993

44 State Sector Act 1988

Legislative instruments amended

45 Education (Early Childhood Centres) Regulations 1998

46 Education (Early Childhood Services) Regulations 2008

47 Education (Registration of Early Childhood Services Teachers) Regulations 2004

Schedule 1
New Schedule 19 inserted

Schedule 2
New Schedule 20 inserted

Schedule 3
New Schedules 21 and 22 inserted

Legislative history

The Parliament of New Zealand enacts as follows: