Statutes Amendment Bill

  • enacted

Hon Simon Bridges

Statutes Amendment Bill

Government Bill



3Principal Act
4Section 139 amended (Corporation’s duties to secure independence of reviewer)
4APrincipal Act
4BSection 9 amended (Bylaws)
5Principal Act
6Section 14 amended (Exercise of discretion when considering bail pending appeal)
7Section 53 amended (Granting of bail to appellant in custody or on home detention pending appeal to District Court presided over by District Court Judge)
8Section 54 amended (Granting of bail to appellant in custody or on home detention pending appeal to High Court)
9Section 55 amended (Granting of bail to appellant in custody or on home detention pending appeal to Court of Appeal or Supreme Court)
14Principal Act
15Section 113B amended (Effect of special guardianship order)
16Section 140 amended (Agreements for extended care of children and young persons by chief executive, iwi social service, etc)
17Section 145 amended (Agreement not to be made without approval of family group conference)
18Principal Act
19New section 2A inserted (Transitional, savings, and related provisions)
2ATransitional, savings, and related provisions
20Section 13 replaced (Levy orders to expire after 6 years)
13Levy orders in force no more than 6 years unless extended
21New Schedule 1AA inserted
22Principal Act
23Section 11 amended (Regional identity of community trusts)
24New section 16A inserted (Adjustment to areas or regions of adjoining community trusts)
16AAdjustment to areas or regions of adjoining community trusts
24APrincipal Act
24BSection 209 amended (Obligation to make annual report available to shareholders)
24CSections 209A and 209B replaced
209ABoard must send copy of annual report or concise annual report on request
209BAnnual report and concise annual report made available by electronic means
24DSection 212 amended (Shareholders may elect not to receive documents)
24ESection 374 amended (Penalties that may be imposed on directors in cases of failure by board or company to comply with Act)
25Principal Act
26Section 38 amended (Hunting, etc)
27Principal Act
28Section 3 amended (Interpretation)
29Section 8 amended (Powers and functions of chief executive)
30Cross-heading above section 24 amended
31Section 25 amended (Functions of probation officers)
32Section 34 amended (Detention of prisoners)
33Section 47 amended (Security classifications)
34Section 103 amended (Detention pending investigation by Police)
35Section 156 amended (Investigation of complaints by inspector of corrections)
36Section 182A amended (Information sharing about child sex offenders)
37Section 182B amended (Definition of child sex offender)
38Principal Act
39Section 107 amended (Directions to support whole of government approach)
40Section 110 replaced (Obligation to give effect to direction)
110Obligation to give effect to direction
41Section 139B amended (Minister may grant extension of time for, or waive, requirement to provide statement of intent)
42Section 149L amended (Obligation to publish and present statement of performance expectations)
42APrincipal Act
42BSection 103 amended (Personal grievance)
43Principal Act
44New section 6A inserted (Transitional, savings, and related provisions)
6ATransitional, savings, and related provisions
45Section 186A amended (Temporary closure of fishing area or restriction on fishing methods)
46Section 186B amended (Temporary closure of fisheries)
47Section 197 amended (Appointment of honorary fishery officers)
48New Schedule 1AA inserted
49Principal Act
50Section 48 amended (Powers of Minister over roads under Minister’s control)
51Section 61 amended (Powers and duties of Agency in relation to State highways)
52Principal Act
53Section 42 amended (Rules of court)
54Principal Act
55Section 54 amended (Application for, and conferral of, protection on quality assurance activity)
56Principal Act
57Section 30ZH amended (Duties regarding logbooks)
58Section 98 amended (Release of vehicle after 28 days)
59Section 119 amended (Powers of entry)
60Section 165 amended (Incorporation by reference)
61Principal Act
62Section 52 amended (Who is liable to pay toll)
63Principal Act
64Section 23 amended (Services and funding subject to Speaker’s directions)
65Principal Act
66Section 23 amended (Powers of Minister to prohibit prescribing, etc)
67Principal Act
68Schedule 4 amended
69Principal Act
70Section 22 amended (By whom oath of allegiance and judicial oath to be taken)
71Schedule 2 amended
72Principal Act
73Section 14 amended (Functions of Parliamentary Service Commission)
74Principal Act
75Section 94A amended (Creation of enduring power of attorney)
76New section 95A inserted (Notice revoking earlier enduring power of attorney)
95ANotice revoking earlier enduring power of attorney
77Section 99A amended (Attorney’s duty to consult)
78Section 99D amended (Medical certification of incapacity)
79Section 106 amended (Circumstances in which enduring power of attorney shall cease to have effect)
80New section 106A inserted (Revocation of appointment of attorneys with several authority)
106ARevocation of appointment of attorneys with several authority
81Section 112 amended (Regulations)
82Principal Act
83Section 45M amended (Application of Crown Entities Act 2004 to Schedule 4 organisations)
84Principal Act
85Section 22 amended (Special licences)
86Section 102 amended (Objections to applications)
87Section 103 amended (Police, Medical Officer of Health, and inspector must inquire into applications)
88Section 141 amended (Inquiry into applications by Police, inspector, and Medical Officer of Health)
89Section 360 amended (Existing community trust continues in existence)
90New section 415A inserted (Application of amendments to section 360 and Schedule 1)
415AApplication of amendments to section 360 and Schedule 1
91Schedule 1 amended
92Principal Act
93Section 30 amended (No sentence of imprisonment to be imposed without opportunity for legal representation)
94Section 69I amended (Variation or cancellation of sentence of community detention)
95Section 80F amended (Application for variation or cancellation of sentence of home detention)
96Section 80FA amended (Chief executive of Department of Corrections may vary offender’s home detention address)
97Section 80N amended (Imposition of post-detention conditions on offender)
98Section 80ZGD amended (Effect of appeal on resumption of sentence of home detention)
99Section 93 amended (Imposition of conditions on release of offender sentenced to imprisonment for short term)
100Section 123C amended (Provisions applying to protection order made under section 123B)
101Section 123D amended (Explanation of protection order)
102Section 123G amended (Protection order treated as if made by Family Court)
103Principal Act
104Section 2 amended (Interpretation)
105Section 43 amended (Review of performance of chief executive)
109Principal Act
110Section 36 amended (Application for exemption)
111Schedule 2 amended
112Principal Act
113Section 7A amended (Noxious animals)
114Schedule 6 heading replaced
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