Civil Defence Emergency Management Amendment Bill

  • enacted

Hon Gerry Brownlee

Civil Defence Emergency Management Amendment Bill

Government Bill



3Principal Act
4Section 4 amended (Interpretation)
5New section 4A inserted (Transitional, savings, and related provisions)
4ATransitional, savings, and related provisions
6Section 8 amended (Appointment and functions of Director of Civil Defence Emergency Management)
7Section 9 amended (Powers of Director)
8New sections 11A and 11B and cross-heading inserted
11ADelegation of certain functions and powers of Director to National Recovery Manager
11BFurther provisions relating to delegation to National Recovery Manager
9Section 12 amended (Local authorities to establish Civil Defence Emergency Management Groups)
9ASection 17 amended (Functions of Civil Defence Emergency Management Groups)
10Section 20 amended (Appointment and functions of Civil Defence Emergency Management Co-ordinating Executive Groups)
11Cross-heading above section 25 replaced
12Section 25 replaced (Appointment of persons who may declare state of local emergency)
25Persons appointed and otherwise authorised to declare state of local emergency or give notice of local transition period
14Section 26 amended (Appointment of Group Controllers)
15Section 27 amended (Appointment of Local Controller)
16Section 28 amended (Functions of Group Controllers)
17Sections 29 and 30 and cross-heading replaced
29Appointment of Group Recovery Managers
30Appointment of Local Recovery Managers
30AFunctions of Recovery Managers
18Section 39 amended (National civil defence emergency management plan)
19Section 49 amended (Proposed plan to be sent to Minister)
19ASection 51 amended (Incorporation by reference)
22ASection 72 amended (Termination of state of emergency)
23Section 75 amended (Power of Director to act on default by others)
24Section 77 amended (Appeal against requirement to give information)
25Section 82 amended (Certain information not to be disclosed or seized)
26Section 83 replaced (Restriction on disclosure of information)
83Restriction on disclosure of information
27Section 86 amended (Evacuation of premises and places)
28New Parts 5A and 5B inserted
94AMinister may give notice of national transition period
94BNotice of local transition period
94CCommencement and duration of transition periods
94DExtension of transition periods
94ETermination of transition periods
94FContent and publication of transition period notices and their extensions
94HGeneral transition period powers
94IPower to require information
94JMinister’s power of direction
94KEvacuation of premises and places
94LEntry on premises and places
94MClosing roads and public places
94NPower to give directions
94OPerson exercising emergency powers to provide proof of identity
29Section 96 amended (Withholding information or giving false or misleading information)
30Section 97 amended (Disclosing information)
31Section 98 amended (Obstruction)
32Section 99 amended (Failure to comply with direction to evacuate premises or place)
33Section 100 amended (Failure to comply with prohibition or restriction on access to road or public place)
34Section 102 amended (Failure to comply with direction)
35Section 103 amended (Personation)
36Section 108 amended (Compensation for loss or damage to personal property)
37Section 109 amended (Compensation for other matters)
38Section 110 amended (Protection from liability)
39Section 111 amended (Restricted application of Resource Management Act 1991)
40New section 115A inserted (Permanent legislative authority for payment of certain expenses)
115APermanent legislative authority for payment of certain expenses
41Section 119 amended (Provisions of Civil Defence Act 1983 that continue)
42New Schedule 1AA inserted
43Consequential amendments to other Acts
44Consequential amendments to Schedule of National Civil Defence Emergency Management Plan Order 2015
Legislative history

The Parliament of New Zealand enacts as follows: