Education Legislation Bill

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Hon Hekia Parata

Education Legislation Bill

Government Bill



Explanatory note
3Principal Act
4Section 28 amended (Secretary may require parents of certain children to enrol them at correspondence school)
5Section 35 replaced (Fines to be paid to boards)
35Fines to be paid to board or sponsor (as applicable)
6Section 60 amended (Interpretation)
7Section 65B amended (Terms)
8Section 65D amended (Exceptions in particular cases)
9New section 75A inserted (Appointment of principals)
75AAppointment of principals
10Section 76 amended (Principals)
11Section 78A amended (Powers of entry and inspection)
12Section 79 amended (Grants for boards)
13Section 89 replaced (Payroll service)
89Payroll service
14Section 94 amended (Constitution of boards of State schools)
15Section 116A repealed (Appointment of principal of combined board)
16Section 139C amended (Offence of insulting, abusing, or intimidating staff)
17Section 144C amended (Regulations about school hostels)
18Section 158 amended (Provision by one board of tuition for students enrolled at school administered by another)
19Section 158A amended (Interpretation)
20Section 158N amended (Enrolment in partnership schools kura hourua)
21Section 158Y amended (Official Information Act 1982 not to apply to partnership schools kura hourua)
22New sections 158Z and 158ZA inserted
158ZApplication of State Sector Act 1988 to institutions sponsoring partnership schools kura hourua
158ZAApplication of Ombudsmen Act 1975 to institutions sponsoring partnership schools kura hourua
23Section 159M amended (Restrictions on design of funding mechanisms)
24New section 164A inserted (Interpretation)
25Section 192 amended (Powers of institutions)
26Section 203 amended (Institutions are Crown entities)
27Section 220 amended (Annual report)
28New section 220A inserted (Minister may require related entities to prepare statements or reports)
220AMinister may require related entities to prepare statements or reports
29Section 253 amended (Rules)
30Section 309 amended (Interpretation)
31New section 317A inserted (Requirements for licensed home-based education and care service)
317ARequirements for licensed home-based education and care service
32Part 29 repealed
33Section 344 amended (Use of national student numbers)
34Section 348 amended (Interpretation)
35Schedule 13A amended
36Principal Act
37Long Title amended
38Preamble amended
39Section 2 amended (Interpretation)
40Section 3 amended (Ngarimu VC and 28th (Maori) Battalion Memorial Scholarship Fund established)
41Section 4 replaced (Establishment of Board to administer Fund)
4Establishment of Board to administer Fund
4APeople disqualified from Board membership
42Section 5 amended (Term of office of members of Board)
43Section 6 amended (Meetings of Board)
44Section 6A amended (Standing Committee)
45Section 7 amended (Functions of Board)
46Section 9 amended (Annual grant to Board)
47Section 12 replaced (Travelling expenses of Board)
12Remuneration of members of Board
12AExpenses of members of Board
12BConflicts of interest
48Section 13 replaced (Members of Board not personally liable)
13Members of Board not personally liable
49New section 13A inserted (Removal of Board members)
13ARemoval of Board members
50Principal Act
51Name of principal Act changed
52Section 1 replaced (Short Title)
53Section 2 replaced (Interpretation)
54New section 2A inserted (Transitional, savings, and related provisions)
2ATransitional, savings, and related provisions
55Section 3 repealed (Administration of Act)
56Section 4 amended (Foundation established)
57Section 5 amended (Purpose of Foundation)
58Section 6 amended (Contributors)
59Section 7 amended (Meetings of contributors)
60Section 8 replaced (Constitution of Board)
8Constitution of Board
61New section 8A inserted (Board to elect chairperson and deputy chairperson)
8ABoard to elect chairperson and deputy chairperson
62Section 9 amended (Chairman at meetings of the Board and contributors)
63Section 10 amended (Meetings of Board)
64Section 11 replaced (Fees and travelling allowances)
11Remuneration of members of Board and Special Committees
11AExpenses of members of Board and Special Committees
65Section 12 amended (Executive Committee, Special Committees, and delegation of powers)
66Section 13 amended (Common seal)
67Section 14 amended (Contracts)
68Section 15 amended (Appointment of officers and collectors)
69Section 20 amended (Grants to Foundation)
70Section 24 amended (Authorised expenditure)
71Section 26 replaced (Bank account)
26Bank account
72Section 27 amended (Estimates of receipts and expenditure)
73Section 28 amended (Accounting records must be kept)
74Section 30 amended (Annual report)
75Section 32 repealed (Office of Foundation)
76Section 33 replaced (Members of Board not personally liable)
33Members of Board and Special Committees not personally liable
77Section 34 amended (Regulations)
78New Schedule inserted
79Principal Act
80Section 7 amended (Integration agreement)
81Principal Act
82Section 2 amended (Interpretation)
83Section 75 amended (Actual conditions of employment)
84Consequential amendments

The Parliament of New Zealand enacts as follows: