Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill

  • enacted

Hon Dr Nick Smith

Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill

Government Bill



3Principal Act
4Section 2 amended (Interpretation)
5New section 2A inserted (Transitional, savings, and related provisions)
2ATransitional, savings, and related provisions
6Section 13A amended (Contents of tenancy agreement)
7Section 15 amended (Notification of successor to landlord or tenant)
8Section 16 amended (Change of name or address)
9Section 16A amended (Landlord must have agent if out of New Zealand for longer than 21 consecutive days)
10Section 30 amended (Landlord to keep records)
11Section 38 amended (Quiet enjoyment)
11ASection 40 amended (Tenant’s responsibilities)
12Section 43 amended (Disposition of landlord’s interest)
13Section 45 amended (Landlord’s responsibilities)
14Section 48 amended (Landlord’s right of entry)
15Section 54 amended (Tribunal may declare retaliatory notice of no effect)
16Section 61 amended (Abandonment of premises)
17Section 66I amended (Landlord’s ongoing obligations)
17ASection 66K amended (Obligations of tenant)
17BSection 66S amended (Notice of entry)
18Section 73 amended (Seal of Tribunal)
18ASection 74 amended (Records of Tribunal)
19Section 76 amended (Tenancy Mediators)
19ASection 77 amended (Jurisdiction of Tribunal)
20Section 78 amended (Orders of Tribunal)
21Section 86 amended (Filing of applications)
22Section 87 amended (Duties of chief executive on receipt of application)
23Section 88 amended (Functions of Tenancy Mediators)
24Section 91 amended (Notice of hearing by Tribunal)
25New section 91AA inserted (Process for determining abandonment applications within 10 working days without hearing)
91AAProcess for determining abandonment applications within 10 working days without hearing
26Section 91B replaced (Hearing may proceed even if party not served)
91BSubstituted service, etc
26ASection 93 amended (Right of audience)
27Section 99 amended (Tribunal may require inquiry and report by Tenancy Mediator or suitable person)
28Section 101 amended (Protection of persons appearing, etc)
29Section 108 amended (Enforcement of work orders)
30Section 109 amended (Unlawful acts)
31Section 114 amended (Powers of entry of Tenancy Mediators)
32Section 123 amended (General functions and powers of chief executive)
33New sections 123A to 123E inserted
123ADocuments to be retained by landlord and produced to chief executive if required
123BDocuments to be produced by tenant to chief executive if required
123CChief executive’s powers in relation to produced documents
123DPower of entry to inspect premises
123ETribunal may authorise inspection
34New sections 124A and 124B inserted
124AChief executive may take proceedings as if tenant
124BSupplementary provision to section 124A
35Section 133 amended (Tribunal or chief executive may require terms of tenancy agreement)
36Section 136 amended (Service of documents)
37New section 138A inserted (Regulations in respect of smoke alarms)
138ARegulations in respect of smoke alarms
38New section 138B inserted (Regulations in respect of insulation)
138BRegulations in respect of insulation
39New Schedule 1AA inserted
40Schedule 1A amended
Legislative history

The Parliament of New Zealand enacts as follows: