Maritime Crimes Amendment Bill

  • enacted

Rt Hon Winston Peters

Maritime Crimes Amendment Bill

Government Bill



3Principal Act
4Long Title repealed
5New section 1A inserted (Purpose)
6Section 2 amended (Interpretation)
7New sections 3A to 3C inserted
3AAct does not apply to certain situations
3BProtest and other activity
3CAct binds the Crown
8Cross-heading above section 4 amended
9Section 4 amended (Crimes relating to ships)
10New sections 4A to 4C inserted
4AFurther offences relating to ships
4BOffences relating to transportation of weapons and nuclear material and equipment
4COffences relating to transportation of fugitives by ship
11Section 5 amended (Crimes relating to fixed platforms)
12New section 5A inserted (Further offences relating to fixed platforms)
5AFurther offences relating to fixed platforms
13Sections 6 to 9 and cross-heading above section 8 replaced
6Offences relating to death and injury
7Penalties for offences against sections 4 to 6
8Extra-territorial jurisdiction
14Section 10 amended (Application of Crimes Act 1961)
15New sections 10A to 10G and cross-heading inserted
10AExercise of enforcement officers’ powers in relation to ships
10BPowers to board and search ship
10CEnforcement officers’ powers in relation to fixed platforms
10DPower of arrest
10EUse of force
10FOffence to obstruct or to fail to comply
10GEnforcement officers designated
16Section 11 amended (Master may deliver alleged offender to appropriate authorities)
17Section 12 amended (Power to search persons and baggage on ships)
18Section 13 amended (Definitions relating to extradition provisions)
19Section 14 amended (Crimes deemed to be included in extradition treaties)
20Section 15 amended (Restriction on surrender)
21Section 17 amended (Attorney-General’s consent required for prosecutions)
22New section 20 inserted (Application to Tokelau)
20Application to Tokelau
23New Schedules 1 and 2 inserted
24Consequential amendments to other Acts
Legislative history

The Parliament of New Zealand enacts as follows: