Te Awa Tupua (Whanganui River Claims Settlement) Bill

  • enacted

Hon Christopher Finlayson

Te Awa Tupua (Whanganui River Claims Settlement) Bill

Government Bill



Ngā kōrero
4Provisions to take effect on settlement date
5Act binds the Crown
6Interpretation of Act generally
8Meaning of Whanganui Iwi
9Meaning of historical claims
10Scope of this Part
11Effect and interpretation of Te Pā Auroa
12Te Awa Tupua recognition
13Tupua te Kawa
14Te Awa Tupua declared to be legal person
15Legal effect of declaration of Te Awa Tupua status
16Limits to effect of this Act and deed of settlement
17Application of other Acts to Te Awa Tupua
18Establishment, purpose, and powers of Te Pou Tupua
19Functions of Te Pou Tupua
20Appointments to Te Pou Tupua
22Administrative support
23Application of Charities Act 2005
24Application of Public Audit Act 2001
25Tax treatment of Te Awa Tupua and Te Pou Tupua
26Amendments to Income Tax Act 2007
CH 11Te Awa Tupua and Te Pou Tupua
CW 40CTe Pou Tupua
27Establishment and purpose of Te Karewao
28Appointments to Te Karewao
29Nature and purpose of Te Kōpuka
30Functions of Te Kōpuka
31General powers
32Appointment of members
33Status of Te Kōpuka
34Collaborative planning process
35Purpose of Te Heke Ngahuru
36Contents of Te Heke Ngahuru
37Legal effect of Te Heke Ngahuru
38Review of RMA planning documents
40Removal of existing status
42Restoration of former status
43Limits on alienation of land vested in Te Awa Tupua
44Application of certain legislation
45Application of certain rules to adjoining lands
46Certain matters not affected by vesting
47Certain existing interests continue to apply
48Bed of River on land not owned or held by the Crown
49Bed of River on Māori freehold land
50Registration and related matters
51Return of land transferred or vested under section 48 or 49
52Application of other enactments
53Land that becomes part of bed of Whanganui River
54Land that ceases to be part of bed of Whanganui River
55Land held under Public Works Act 1981 and no longer required for public work
56Certain exclusions
57Te Korotete established
58Administration of Te Korotete
59Application of funding
60Protection of name
61Te Awa Tupua register
62Persons who may be included on Te Awa Tupua register
63Application of Resource Management Act 1991
64Management of activities on surface of water
65Power to make regulations for activities on surface of water
66Co-ordination of fisheries in Whanganui River catchment
67Power to make regulations for management of customary food gathering
68Taonga tūturu
71Relationship between Whanganui Iwi and Te Awa Tupua
72Recognition of interests of trustees for purposes of Resource Management Act 1991
73Application of other Acts to trustees
74Limits to application of sections 72 and 73
78Development and application of protocols and processes
79Requirements to be met before certain activities may be carried out
80Existing rights saved
81Application of other legislation
82Acknowledgement of statement of Whanganui Iwi
84Official geographic names
85Publication of official geographic names
86Subsequent alteration of official geographic names
87Settlement of historical claims final
88Amendment to Treaty of Waitangi Act 1975
89Certain enactments do not apply
90Rule against perpetuities does not apply
91Access to deed of settlement
93Dissolution of Maori Trust Board
94Vesting of assets and liabilities of Maori Trust Board
95Final report of Maori Trust Board
96Dissolution of Te Whiringa Muka Trust
97Vesting of assets and liabilities of Te Whiringa Muka Trust
98Assets and liabilities of subsidiary freed of charitable purposes
99Dissolution of Pakaitore Trust
100Vesting of assets and liabilities of Pakaitore Trust
101Recognition of new mandated iwi organisation
102Temporary treatment of constitutional documents
103Certain effects of recognition of new mandated iwi organisation
104Functions of Te Ohu Kai Moana Trustee Limited
105Matters not affected by transfer
106Status of existing instruments
107Status of existing securities
108Books and documents to remain evidence
109Removal of Whanganui Iwi trusts and subsidiary from register of charitable entities
110Other registers
111Transfer of employees
112Protection of terms and conditions of employment
113Continuity of employment
114No compensation for technical redundancy
115Application of this subpart
116Taxation in respect of transfer of assets and liabilities of Whanganui Iwi trusts
117Election by trustees to be Maori authority
118Taxation in respect of assets and liabilities of subsidiary
119Election by subsidiary to be Maori authority
120Repeal of Whanganui River Trust Board Act 1988
121Revocation of orders
122Amendment to Conservation Act 1987
123Amendment to National Parks Act 1980
124Amendment to Public Audit Act 2001
125Amendment to Electoral (Iwi Organisation and Other Māori Organisation) Regulations 2012
126Amendment to Maori Trust Boards Regulations 1985
Legislative history

The Parliament of New Zealand enacts as follows: