Local Government Act 2002 Amendment Bill (No 2)

  • enacted
19 New section 35A inserted (Application of Official Information Act 1982)

After section 35, insert:

35A Application of Official Information Act 1982


This section applies to information created or received by the Commission in the course of—


the consideration of any matter under section 31:


a reorganisation investigation under Part 1 of Schedule 3:


the review of a local authority-led reorganisation application under clause 22C of Schedule 3:


the resolution of a dispute under section 31H by the Commission under this Act or another enactment:


the determination of an appeal or objection under section 19R of the Local Electoral Act 2001.


Information to which this section applies is not official information for the purposes of the Official Information Act 1982 until the consideration, investigation, resolution, review, or determination has been completed.