Electoral Amendment Bill

  • enacted

Hon Amy Adams

Electoral Amendment Bill

Government Bill



3Principal Act
4Section 3 amended (Interpretation)
5New section 3AA inserted (Transitional, savings, and related provisions)
3AATransitional, savings, and related provisions
6Section 3A amended (Meaning of election advertisement)
7Section 22 replaced (Registrar of Electors)
22Registrar of Electors
8Section 26 replaced (Returning Officer to make declaration)
26Returning Officer to make declaration
9Section 38 amended (Notice of proposed boundaries and classification)
10Section 39 amended (Communications to officials)
11Section 40 amended (Report of Commission)
12Section 42 amended (Indexes of streets and places)
13Section 45 amended (Maori representation)
14Section 47A amended (Certain persons disqualified from candidacy)
15Section 48 replaced (Offence for public servant or Returning Officer to sit)
48Offence for public servant, Returning Officer, or Registrar to sit or vote
15Section 48 repealed (Offence for public servant or Returning Officer to sit)
16Section 55 amended (How vacancies created)
17New section 67AA inserted (Vacancies in position of party secretary)
67AAVacancies in position of party secretary
18Section 70 amended (Cancellation of registration)
19Section 77 amended (Periodic exercise of Maori option and determination of Maori population)
20Section 78 amended (Exercise of Maori option)
21Section 80 amended (Disqualifications for registration)
22Section 81 amended (Detention in prison pursuant to sentence of imprisonment)
23Section 82 amended (Compulsory registration of electors)
24Section 83 amended (Application for registration)
25Section 87 replaced (Procedure if immigration status means applicant apparently not qualified to be registered)
87Procedure if immigration status means applicant apparently not qualified to be registered
26Section 88 replaced (Applications received after issue of writ)
88Applications received after issue of writ
27Section 89 amended (Procedure following application for registration)
28Section 89A amended (Notice of registration)
29Section 89B amended (Elector must give notice of change of place of residence within electoral district)
30Section 89C amended (Elector must give notice of change of place of residence to different electoral district)
31Section 89D amended (Inquiry to be made to update electoral rolls)
32Section 89E amended (No inquiry required if application for registration as elector received)
33Section 89F amended (Procedure following inquiry under section 89D)
34Section 89G amended (Elector who cannot be contacted to be included in dormant roll)
35Section 94A amended (Confirmation of change of name, address, or other particulars)
36Section 95 amended (Elector’s objections)
37Section 95A amended (Notice of elector’s objection)
38Section 95B amended (Power to remove name from roll)
39Section 95C amended (Power to retain name on roll)
40Section 95D amended (Reference of elector’s objection to District Court)
41Section 96 replaced (Registrar’s objection)
96Electoral Commission’s objection
42Section 97 amended (Procedure on reference of application or objection to District Court)
43Section 98 amended (Removal of names from roll by Registrar)
44Section 99 amended (Notice of alterations to roll)
45Section 100 amended (Corrupt Practices List)
46Section 101 amended (Electoral rolls)
47Section 102 replaced (Maintenance of rolls being replaced)
102Maintenance of rolls being replaced
48Section 103 replaced (Rolls where Parliament dissolved after change of boundaries and before new rolls completed)
103Rolls where Parliament dissolved after change of boundaries and before new rolls completed
49Section 104 amended (Main roll to be printed)
50Section 105 replaced (Supplementary rolls to be printed)
105Supplementary rolls to be printed
51Section 106 amended (Form of main roll and supplementary rolls)
52Section 107 amended (Composite rolls)
53Section 109 amended (Dormant roll)
54Section 110 amended (Public inspection of rolls, etc)
55Section 111 amended (Inspection of rolls at hui)
56Section 111B amended (Interpretation of terms in sections 111C to 111F)
57Section 119 amended (Wilfully misleading Registrar)
58Section 120 amended (Duty to report suspected offences)
59Section 121 amended (Failure to deliver application)
60Section 122 amended (Assistance to be given to Registrar)
61Section 123 amended (Copies of rolls for Returning Officer)
62Section 124 amended (Power to destroy records)
63Section 127 amended (Election of list candidates)
64Section 127A amended (Deposit by party secretary)
65Section 128 amended (Acceptance or rejection of lists by Electoral Commission)
66Section 128C amended (Election of list candidates)
67Section 141 repealed (Returning Officer to be notified of writ)
68Section 142 amended (Returning Officer to give public notice of polling day, nomination day, and nomination process)
69Section 143 amended (Nominations of candidates for electoral districts)
70Section 144 amended (Deposit by candidate)
71Section 145 amended (Acceptance or rejection of nomination)
72Section 146 amended (Withdrawal of nomination)
72ASection 146J amended (Withdrawal of nomination in bulk nomination schedule)
73Section 147 amended (Advertisement of nomination and polling places)
74Section 150 amended (Form of ballot papers)
75Section 151 amended (Name of political party for constituency candidates)
76Section 157 amended (Materials for polling places)
77Section 159 amended (Exercise of powers and duties of polling place officials)
78Section 160 amended (Scrutineers)
79Section 167 amended (Issue of ordinary ballot papers)
80Section 172 amended (Voting by special voters)
81Section 174C amended (Preliminary count of early votes)
82Section 174D amended (Conditions for counting early votes before close of poll)
83Section 174F amended (Scrutineers for count of early votes)
84Section 175 amended (Scrutiny of the rolls)
85Section 176 amended (Marked copies of rolls to be compared)
86Section 178 amended (Counting the votes)
87Section 179 amended (Declaration of result of poll)
88Section 180 amended (Application to District Court Judge for recount)
89Section 183 amended (Scrutineers for recounts and allocation of list seats)
90Section 187 amended (Disposal of ballot papers, rolls, etc)
91Section 188 amended (Annotation of list of special voters)
92Section 191 amended (Election of other members)
93Section 195 amended (Adjournment of poll)
94Section 197 amended (Interfering with or influencing voters)
95New section 197A inserted (Interfering with or influencing advance voters)
197AInterfering with or influencing advance voters
96Section 199 amended (Recovery of expenses)
97Section 199A replaced (Publishing false statements to influence voters)
199APublishing false statements to influence voters
98Section 202 amended (Property to be stated as being in Returning Officer)
98ASection 206 amended (Interpretation)
98BNew section 206IA inserted (Return of party’s allocation expenses)
206IAReturn of party’s allocation expenses
98CNew section 206LA inserted (Auditor’s report on return of party’s allocation expenses)
206LAAuditor’s report on return of party’s allocation expenses
98DSection 206N amended (Offences relating to return of party’s election expenses)
98ESection 206Q amended (Return of party’s election expenses to be publicly available)
99Section 215 amended (Personation)
100Section 221B amended (Display of advertisement of a specified kind)
101Section 230 amended (Election petitions to High Court)
102Section 256 amended (Withdrawal and substitution of respondents before trial)
103Section 263A amended (Disclosure of immigration information for matching purposes)
104Section 267A amended (Regulations relating to advertisement of a specified kind)
105New Schedule 1AA inserted
105ASchedule 1AA amended
2Notice of change of place of residence given but not dealt with
106Schedule 2 amended
107Amendments to other enactments
Legislative history

The Parliament of New Zealand enacts as follows: