Outer Space and High-altitude Activities Bill

  • enacted

Hon Simon Bridges

Outer Space and High-altitude Activities Bill

Government Bill



5Transitional, savings, and related provisions
6Act binds the Crown
7Launch of launch vehicle from New Zealand requires launch licence
8Application for launch licence
9When launch licence may be granted
10Conditions, indemnity, and insurance relating to launch licence
11Duration of launch licence
12Renewal of launch licence
13Continuing obligations of licensee
14Minister may vary, revoke, or suspend launch licence
15Launch of payload from New Zealand requires payload permit
16Application for payload permit
17When payload permit may be granted
18Conditions, indemnity, and insurance relating to payload permit
19Duration of payload permit
20Continuing obligations of permit holder
21Minister may vary, revoke, or suspend payload permit
22Radiocommunications Act 1989 presumption does not apply to payloads under payload permit
23Overseas launch of launch vehicle requires overseas launch licence
24Application for overseas launch licence
25When overseas launch licence may be granted
26Conditions, indemnity, and insurance relating to overseas launch licence
27Duration of overseas launch licence
28Renewal of overseas launch licence
29Continuing obligations of licensee
30Minister may vary, revoke, or suspend overseas launch licence
31Overseas launch of payload requires overseas payload permit
32Application for overseas payload permit
33When overseas payload permit may be granted
34Conditions, indemnity, and insurance relating to overseas payload permit
35Duration of overseas payload permit
36Continuing obligations of permit holder
37Minister may vary, revoke, or suspend overseas payload permit
38Requirement for facility licence
39Application for facility licence
40When facility licence may be granted
41Conditions and indemnity relating to facility licence
42Duration of facility licence
43Renewal of facility licence
44Minister may vary, revoke, or suspend facility licence
46Requirement for high-altitude licence
47Application for high-altitude licence
48When high-altitude licence may be granted
49Conditions and insurance relating to high-altitude licence
50Minister may revoke, vary, or suspend high-altitude licence
51Request for information
52Minister may take into account authorisation granted in country other than New Zealand
53Criteria for fit and proper person test
54Change of licensee or permit holder requires approval of Minister
55Minister may impose further conditions on transfer or change of control
56Minister must consult security Ministers about national security
57Review procedure in relation to certificate of risk to national security
58Appointment of enforcement officers
59Enforcement officers must produce evidence of appointment
60Functions of enforcement officers
61Powers of enforcement officers
62Provisions relating to entry to dwellinghouse or marae
63Constable may exercise enforcement powers
64Segregated areas and areas set aside
65Minister may declare debris protection area
66Launching without launch licence or overseas launch licence
67Launching or procuring launch of payload without payload permit or overseas payload permit
68Operating launch facility without facility licence
69Launching high-altitude vehicle without high-altitude licence
70False or misleading information in application for grant or renewal of licence or permit
71Offence to fail to comply with condition of licence or permit
72Providing false or misleading information to enforcement officer
73Interfering with launch vehicle or payload
74Offences relating to segregated areas and areas set aside
75Person in control of segregated area or area specially set aside to ensure identity cards displayed
76Offences in relation to debris protection area
77Additional penalty for offences involving commercial gain or liability of the Crown under Outer Space Treaty or Liability Convention
78Failing to display identity card
79Providing false information to enforcement officer
80Offences deemed to be included in extradition treaties
82Proceedings for infringement offence
83Infringement notices
84Payment of infringement fees
85Requirement to notify Minister of intention to develop or acquire missile technology
85ASharing of information with agencies
86Review of Act
87Giving of notices
88AIncorporation by reference
89Amendment to Search and Surveillance Act 2012
90Amendment to Summary Proceedings Act 1957
91Amendment to Health and Safety at Work Act 2015
92Amendment to Privacy Act 1993
Legislative history

The Parliament of New Zealand enacts as follows: