Regulatory Systems (Building and Housing) Amendment Bill

  • enacted

Hon Simon Bridges

Regulatory Systems (Building and Housing) Amendment Bill

Government Bill



3Principal Act
4Section 12 amended (Role of building consent authority and territorial authority)
5Section 96 amended (Territorial authority may issue certificate of acceptance in certain circumstances)
6Section 177 amended (Application for determination)
7Consequential amendments to Building Amendment Act 2012
8Principal Act
9Section 4 amended (Overview)
10Section 5 amended (Interpretation)
11Section 6 amended (Meaning of control period)
12Section 7 amended (Meaning of principal unit)
13New section sections 9AA and 9A inserted (Transitional, savings, and related provisions)
9AAStatus of examples
9ATransitional, savings, and related provisions
14Section 15 amended (Relationship with Public Works Act 1981)
15Section 32 amended (Restrictions on deposit of unit plans)
16Section 38 amended (Ownership interest)
17Section 39 amended (Utility interest (other than for future development units))
18Section 40 amended (Utility interest for future development unit)
19New cross-heading above section 41 inserted
20Section 41 amended (Reassessment of ownership interest and utility interest)
21Section 42 amended (Registrar to be notified of reassessment)
22Section 48 amended (Noting of subsidiary unit title development)
23Section 56 amended (Sale, lease, or licence of common property)
24Section 58 amended (Additions to common property)
25Section 62 amended (Powers of body corporate in respect of easements and covenants over or for benefit of common property)
26Section 63 amended (Ability of owner of unit in respect of easements and covenants)
27Section 65 amended (Redevelopment requiring amendment to unit plan)
28Section 67 amended (Deposit of amendment to unit plan)
29Section 69 amended (Requirements for new unit plan under section 68)
30Section 73 amended (Incidental rights)
31Section 84 amended (Powers and duties of body corporate)
32New section 89A inserted (Requirement for extraordinary general meeting: request by unit owners of not less than 25% of principal units)
89ARequirement for extraordinary general meeting: request by unit owners of not less than 25% of principal units
33Section 90 amended (Who may call general meetings)
34Section 105 replaced (Body corporate operational rules)
105Body corporate operational rules
35Section 107 amended (Conflict between body corporate operational rules)
36Section 108 amended (Delegation of duties and powers)
37Section 163 amended (Implied guarantee by unit owners)
38Section 165 amended (Lessor may apply for appointment of administrator or cancellation of unit plan)
39Section 167 replaced (Renewal or expiry of lease and purchase of reversionary interest)
167Variation of lease, renewal or expiry of lease, or purchase of reversionary interest
40Section 169 amended (Merger)
41Section 177 amended (Application by body corporate for cancellation of unit plan)
42Section 180 amended (Effect of cancellation of unit plan—standard unit title development or head unit title development)
43Section 182 amended (Effect of cancellation of stage unit plan)
44Section 183 amended (Extinguishment of registered interests, etc)
45Section 189 amended (Cancellation of plan following decision of High Court)
46Section 212 amended (Designated resolutions)
47New Schedule 1AA inserted
48Schedule 2 amended
89AWhen extraordinary general meeting is required
Legislative history

The Parliament of New Zealand enacts as follows: