Overseas Investment Amendment Bill

  • enacted

Part 1 Sensitive land

Subpart 1—Residential land

4 Section 6 amended (Interpretation)

In section 6(1), insert in their appropriate alphabetical order:

district valuation roll means the roll that each territorial authority must prepare and maintain under section 7 of the Rating Valuations Act 1998 for its own district in accordance with rules made under that Act

residential land


means land that has a property category of residential or lifestyle in, or for the purpose of, the relevant district valuation roll (for example, the land’s first character category code is “R” or “L”); and


includes a residential flat in a building owned by a flat-owning company (regardless of whether the building is on land within a property category referred to in paragraph (a)), and, for that purpose, references in this Act to interest include a licence to occupy that flat, where terms in this paragraph have a meaning corresponding to those in section 121A of the Land Transfer Act 1952 or section 122 of the Land Transfer Act 2017