Conservation (Infringement System) Bill

  • enacted

Hon Eugenie Sage

Conservation (Infringement System) Bill

Government Bill



3Principal Act
4Section 2 amended (Interpretation)
4ANew section 26HA inserted (National fish and game compliance and law enforcement policy)
26HANational fish and game compliance and law enforcement policy
4BSection 26I amended (Annual report)
4CSection 26R amended (Fish and Game Council responsibilities)
4DSection 26X amended (Annual report)
5New section 40A inserted (Power to require information)
40APower to require information
6Section 44A amended (Sentence of community work)
7New section 46A inserted (Forfeiture of property for infringement offence)
46AForfeiture of property for infringement offence
8New section 48C inserted (Regulations relating to infringement offences)
48CRegulations relating to infringement offences
9New Part 6A inserted
51ARelationship with other offences
51BTaking sports fish in contravention of Anglers Notice
51CTaking sports fish without licence
51DPossessing sports fish taken unlawfully
51EEstablishing, managing, or operating fish hatchery in breach of regulations
51FOffences relating to spawning fish
51GFailure to comply with restrictions on fishing
51HTransfer or release of live aquatic life
51IFishing in closed season
51JBuying or selling fish for purpose of sale contrary to Act
51KPossessing certain kinds of fish without approval
51LUsing hazardous substances, etc, to take or destroy fish
51MOffences relating to controlled dog areas and open dog areas
51NDogs causing serious injury to protected wildlife
51OHunting and other activities without, or not in compliance with, permit
51PDisposing of animal product
51QTaking plants
51SOther offences in respect of conservation areas
51TManagement of marginal strips
51UFailure to produce permits, etc, on demand
51VProceedings for infringement offences
51WWho may issue infringement notices
51XInfringement notices
51YReminder notices
51ZPayment of infringement fees
51ZAPenalties for infringement offences
10Principal Act
11Section 2 amended (Interpretation)
12Section 26 amended (Defences in respect of certain offences)
13Section 26A amended (Sentence of community work)
14New sections 27A to 27I inserted
27AInfringement offences
27BRelationship between infringement offences and other offences
27CProceedings for infringement offences
27DWho may issue infringement notices
27EInfringement notices
27FReminder notices
27GForfeiture for infringement offence
27HPayment of infringement fees
27IPenalties for infringement offences
15Section 28 amended (Regulations)
16Principal Act
17Section 2 amended (Interpretation)
18Section 18 amended (General powers of rangers)
19Section 18G amended (Forfeiture of property on conviction)
20New sections 18GA and 18GB inserted
18GAForfeiture of property for infringement offence
18GBDisposal of seized property
21Section 18H amended (Provisions relating to forfeit property)
22New sections 21 to 21G inserted
21Infringement offences
21ARelationship between infringement offences and other offences
21BProceedings for infringement offences
21CWho may issue infringement notices
21DInfringement notices
21EReminder notices
21FPayment of infringement fees
21GPenalties for infringement offences
23Section 24 amended (Regulations)
24Principal Act
25Section 2 amended (Interpretation)
26Section 61 amended (Seizure and forfeiture of property)
27Section 63 amended (Offences in respect of rangers)
28Section 64 amended (Powers of rangers)
29New section 64A inserted (Power to require information)
64APower to require information
30Section 70A amended (Sentence of community work)
31New Part 7A inserted
71ARelationship with other offences
71BSpecially protected areas
71CControl of dogs
71DUnauthorised actions in parks
71EUsing or receiving items removed unlawfully from park
71FAltering boundary marks or items issued by Minister or Department
71GFailure to remove animal, vehicle, aircraft, or boat
71IProceedings for infringement offences
71JWho may issue infringement notices
71KInfringement notices
71LReminder notices
71MPayment of infringement fees
71NPenalties for infringement offences
71ORegulations relating to infringement offences
32Principal Act
33Section 2 amended (Interpretation)
34Section 93 amended (Powers of constables, rangers, and other officers)
35Section 95 amended (Seizure and forfeiture of property)
36Section 104A amended (Sentence of community work)
37New sections 105A to 105O and cross-heading inserted
105ARelationship between infringement offences and other offences
105BUnauthorised actions in reserves
105DUsing or receiving items removed unlawfully from reserve
105EAltering boundary marks or items issued by Minister, Department, or administering body
105FFailure to remove animal, vehicle, aircraft, or boat
105GUnauthorised entry
105HAnchoring or mooring of boat in breach of notice or permit
105IDamage by fire
105JProceedings for infringement offences
105KWho may issue infringement notices
105LInfringement notices
105MReminder notices
105NPayment of infringement fees
105OPenalties for infringement offences
38New section 123A inserted (Regulations relating to infringement offences)
123ARegulations relating to infringement offences
39Principal Act
40Section 3 amended (Interpretation)
41New section 38AA inserted (Power to require information)
38AAPower to require information
42Part 4 heading replaced
43New cross-heading above section 44 inserted
44Section 48 replaced (Obstructing or hindering officer)
48Obstructing or hindering an officer and refusing to give information
45New sections 50A to 50I and cross-heading inserted
50AInfringement offences
50BRelationship between infringement offences and other offences
50CProceedings for infringement offences
50DWho may issue infringement notices
50EInfringement notices
50FReminder notices
50GAccelerated procedure for border infringement offences
50HPayment of infringement fees
50IPenalties for infringement offences
46New cross-heading above section 51 inserted
47Section 51 amended (Forfeiture of property on conviction)
48New Part 5 heading inserted
49Section 54 amended (Regulations)
50Principal Act
51Section 2 amended (Interpretation)
52Section 13 amended (Powers of warranted officers)
53New Part 4A inserted
31ARelationship with other offences
31BHunting without authority of land owner
31CSelling, delivering, or receiving carcass without ears attached
31DInadequate fencing
31EInterfering with items on land under section 16
31FFailure to provide Crown with proceeds from sale of animal or carcass
31GProceedings for infringement offences
31HWho may issue infringement notices
31IInfringement notices
31JReminder notices
31KPayment of infringement fees
31LPenalties for infringement offences
54Section 34 replaced (Offenders to give name and address to officers, etc)
34Power to require person to stop offending
55New sections 34AA and 34AB inserted
34AAPower to require information
34ABConstable may arrest person who fails to comply with section 34 or 34AA
56Section 39 amended (Penalties)
57Section 39A amended (Sentence of community work)
58New sections 39C to 39E inserted
39CReturn and forfeiture of seized items
39DForfeiture of other items
39EDisposal of forfeited items
59Section 40 amended (Regulations)
60Principal Act
61Section 2 amended (Interpretation)
61ASection 66A amended (Offenders to give identifying information)
62Section 67G amended (Sentence of community work)
63Section 70 amended (Forfeitures)
64New sections 70A to 70Z and cross-heading inserted
70ARelationship between infringement offences and other offences
70BHunting during close season
70CHunting without licence during open season
70DContravening terms of open season notification
70EHunting wildlife in contravention of conditions prescribed by Minister
70FFailure to produce licence on demand
70GTaking protected wildlife or game
70HTaking game in contravention of Act or notification
70IFailure to comply with condition of authority to take or kill wildlife
70JLiberating wildlife or exporting animals or animal products
70KTransporting wildlife without proper information on container
70LFarming or breeding certain unprotected animals
70MFailure to report accidental or incidental death or injury
70NInterfering with items on land under section 59
70PActing without required licence, permit, etc
70QContravening instruments made under this Act
70RInfringement offences relating to wildlife refuges
70SInfringement offences relating to waterfowl
70TInfringement offences relating to homing pigeons
70UProceedings for infringement offences
70VWho may issue infringement notices
70WInfringement notices
70XReminder notices
70YPayment of infringement fees
70ZPenalties for infringement offences
65Section 72 amended (Regulations)
66Principal Act
67Section 2 amended (Interpretation)
Legislative history

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