Dairy Industry Restructuring Amendment Bill

  • discharged on 13 December 2017

Hon Nathan Guy

Dairy Industry Restructuring Amendment Bill

Government Bill



Explanatory note
3Principal Act
4Sections 147 to 150 and cross-heading repealed
5Section 3 repealed (Expiry)
6Section 72 amended (Overview)
7Section 118 amended (Offences)
8Dairy Industry Restructuring (Subparts 5 and 5A of Part 2 of Act Disapplied to South Island) Order 2016 revoked
9Section 4 amended (Purpose)
10Section 5 amended (Interpretation)
11New sections 5A and 5B inserted
5AStatus of examples
5BTransitional, savings, and related provisions
12Subpart 4 heading in Part 2 replaced
13Section 43 amended (Overview)
14Cross-heading after section 43 repealed
15New section 43A inserted (Manager of core database must retain database)
43AManager of core database must retain database
16Sections 47 to 52 repealed
17Section 61 and cross-heading above section 61 repealed
18Section 62 amended (Regulations relating to herd testing and provision of information to core database)
19Section 63 amended (Regulations relating to access to core database)
20Section 64 amended (General regulations relating to herd testing and core database)
21Section 65 amended (Regulations requiring disclosure of information by LIC)
22Section 65A replaced (Regulations relating to dairy industry entity other than LIC)
65ARegulations appointing manager of core database
65BRegulations naming intended manager of core database
65CRegulations for previous manager or intended manager of core database
65DDuration of regulations for previous manager or intended manager of core database
23Section 66 amended (Information to be supplied to chief executive)
24Section 68 replaced (Database if LIC wound up)
68When management of core database reverts to Crown
25New section 69A inserted (Constitution and corporate form of LIC)
69AConstitution and corporate form of LIC
26Section 72 amended (Overview)
27Section 73 amended (New co-op must accept application)
28New section 73A inserted (Application requirements relating to new dairy conversion exception)
73AApplication requirements relating to new dairy conversion exception
29New sections 96A to 96G inserted
96ASupply from new dairy conversion: third exception
96BDefinitions relating to third exception
96CReplacement collection point
96DApplication relating to 2 or more collection points
96EEvidence to support position that section 96A does not apply
96FProcess if new co-op does not accept evidence
96GDisclosure of evidence relied on to reject application under section 96A
30Section 115 amended (Regulations relating to milk)
31Section 134 replaced (New co-op must pay levy)
134New co-op must pay levy
32New sections 147 to 150AA inserted
147Minister must request regular competition reports
148Terms of reference for competition report
149Preparation of competition report
150Minister must respond to competition report
150AALimits on effect of competition report and response
33Section 156 repealed (Gift duty and taxation in respect of Livestock Improvement Corporation Limited)
34New Schedule 1 inserted
35New Schedule 2 inserted
36Consequential amendments to principal Act
37Consequential amendments to Dairy Industry (Herd Testing and New Zealand Dairy Core Database) Regulations 2001

The Parliament of New Zealand enacts as follows: