Statutes Amendment Bill (No 2)

  • enacted

Hon Aupito William Sio

Statutes Amendment Bill (No 2)

Government Bill



3Principal Act
4Section 36 amended (Obligations relating to traps)
4APrincipal Act
4BSection 56 amended (Reporting entity must have AML/CFT programme and AML/CFT compliance officer)
4CSection 90 amended (Pecuniary penalties for civil liability act)
4DSection 100 amended (Penalties)
4ESection 105 amended (Penalties)
4FSection 112 amended (Penalties)
5Principal Act
6Section 2 amended (Interpretation)
7Section 7 amended (Relationship with other enactments)
8Section 24B amended (Amendment, revocation, suspension, and reinstatement)
9Section 25 amended (Goods to be cleared for entry into New Zealand)
10Section 37 amended (Approval of ports as places of first arrival)
11Section 39 amended (Approval and cancellation of approval of transitional facilities and containment facilities)
12Section 105A amended (Call in of powers or functions)
13Principal Act
14Section 131 amended (Fees and expenses of lawyer appointed under section 7 or 130)
15Principal Act
16Section 226B amended (Fees and expenses of lawyer appointed under section 226 or 226A)
17Principal Act
18Section 162 amended (Payment of lawyer appointed under section 159 or 160)
19Principal Act
20Section 303 amended (Admissible claims)
21Section 308 amended (Fines and penalties)
22Principal Act
23Section 10 amended (Coroner defined)
24Section 110 amended (Salaries and allowances)
25Amendment to Remuneration Authority Act 1977
26Principal Act
27Cross-heading above section 9J amended
28Principal Act
29Section 21 repealed (Recovery of debts due upon recognisance)
30Section 22 amended (Barristers or solicitors may be appointed to act for Attorney-General in each district)
31Section 23 amended (Judgments for fines and on recognisances may be vacated by High Court)
32Section 24 amended (Satisfaction of orders against the Crown)
33Section 30 replaced (Rules of court)
30Rules about the Crown’s participation in civil proceedings, etc
34Schedule 3 amended
35Amendment to Bail Act 2000
36Amendment to Electoral Act 1993
37Principal Act
38Section 212 amended (Contempt of court)
39Principal Act
40Section 81 amended (Court may appoint lawyer)
41Principal Act
42Section 164A amended (Dumping permits issued under Maritime Transport Act 1994)
43Principal Act
44Section 162B amended (Fees and expenses of lawyer appointed under section 162 or 162A)
45Principal Act
46Section 109A amended (Search warrants from District Court Judges for offences against sections 126 and 131A)
47Section 109B amended (Search warrants from Registrars, etc, for offences against section 126 or section 131A)
48Principal Act
49Section 255 amended (Interpretation—forfeiture provisions)
50Principal Act
51Section 95 amended (Annual subsidies up to 1 July 1991 from Government and from funds or accounts out of which contributors’ salaries are paid)
52Principal Act
53Section 2 amended (Interpretation)
54Principal Act
55Section 3 amended (Provisions for giving effect to Asian Development Bank Agreement)
56Section 4 amended (Provisions for giving effect to International Development Association Agreement)
57Principal Act
58Section 3C amended (Use of designation “JP (retired)”)
58APrincipal Act
58BSection 162 amended (Payment of lawyer appointed under section 159 or 160)
59Principal Act
60Section 4 amended (Interpretation)
60ASection 73 amended (Arrest without warrant)
61Section 107FA amended (Sentencing court may make interim supervision order)
62Section 107T amended (Offence to breach extended supervision order)
63Section 107V amended (Additional victim notification)
64Principal Act
65Section 142 amended (Board may prescribe fees)
66Principal Act
67Section 41 amended (Unclaimed property)
68Principal Act
69Section 65 amended (Appointment of lawyer to represent person in respect of whom application made)
70Section 65B amended (Payment of lawyer appointed under section 65A)
71Principal Act
72Section 15C amended (End-of-year performance information requirements)
73Section 19A amended (Provision of end-of-year performance information other than by Ministers)
74Section 26A amended (Transfer of resources between output expense appropriations)
75Section 45AA amended (Contents of departmental agency annual report)
76Section 45O amended (Special provisions relating to Reserves Boards)
77New sections 45OAAA and 45OAAB inserted
45OAAASpecial provisions relating to Reserves Boards: audit report
45OAABPower to amend amount in section 45OAAA(1)
78Principal Act
79Section 3 amended (Purposes of Act)
80Section 4 amended (Interpretation)
81Section 9 and cross-heading replaced
9Continuation of National Archives of New Zealand
82Section 60 amended (Protection of names)
83“Archives New Zealand” replaced with “National Archives of New Zealand”
84Amendments to Copyright Act 1994
85Section 2 amended (Interpretation)
86Section 50 amended (Interpretation)
87Section 85 amended (Incidental recording for purposes of communication)
88Section 187 amended (Incidental recording for purposes of communication work)
89Consequential amendment to Copyright (General Matters) Regulations 1995
90Principal Act
91Section 49 amended (Branch manager’s or salesperson’s licence)
92Amendment to Auctioneers Act 2013
93Amendment to Fair Trading Act 1986
94Principal Act
95New section 16A inserted (Information to be published by boards)
16AInformation to be published by boards
96Section 17 amended (Information to be laid before House of Representatives)
97Schedule 1 amended
98Schedule 2 amended
99Principal Act
100Section 143 amended (Appointment of Te Rarawa fisheries advisory committee)
101Section 144 amended (Appointment of joint fisheries advisory committee)
102Principal Act
103Section 40 amended (Disposal of articles seized)
Legislative history

The Parliament of New Zealand enacts as follows: