Brokering (Weapons and Related Items) Controls Bill

  • enacted

Rt Hon Winston Peters

Brokering (Weapons and Related Items) Controls Bill

Government Bill



5Meaning of brokering activity
6Meaning of equivalent overseas regime
7Transitional, savings, and related provisions
8Act binds the Crown
9Registration and permit required for brokering activity
9AExceptions to requirements for registration and permit
10Offence to carry out brokering activity without registration or permit
11Broker must comply with conditions of registration and permit
12Offence to breach conditions of registration or permit when carrying out brokering activity
13Offence to breach conditions of registration or permit other than in course of carrying out brokering activity
14Application for registration
15Criteria for registration
16Refusal to register broker
17Registration of broker
18Secretary may impose conditions on registration
18ABrokers must provide annual report
19Duration of registration
20Cancellation or surrender of registration
21Brokers must keep and produce records and answer questions
22Offence to fail to keep or produce records or answer questions
23Application for permit
24Criteria for permit
25Refusal to give permit
26Duration of permit
27Secretary may impose conditions on permit
28Cancellation or surrender of permit
29Civil enforcement
30Enforceable undertakings
31Enforcement of undertakings
33Offences committed outside New Zealand
34Attorney-General’s consent required
35Applications for registration and permits
36False or misleading information
37Appeals against certain decisions to District Court
38Regulation-making powers
39Disclosure of information to overseas authority
40Register of brokers
41Consequential amendment
Legislative history

The Parliament of New Zealand enacts as follows: