Health (Drinking Water) Amendment Bill

  • enacted

Hon Dr David Clark

Health (Drinking Water) Amendment Bill

Government Bill



3Principal Act
4Section 69C amended (Application of sections 69S to 69ZC generally)
4ASection 69H replaced (All practicable steps)
69HAll practicable steps
5Section 69P amended (Minister must consult before issuing, adopting, or amending drinking-water standards)
6Section 69R replaced (Commencement of drinking-water standards)
69RCommencement of drinking-water standards
6ASection 69S amended (Duty of suppliers in relation to provision of drinking water)
7Section 69U amended (Duty to take reasonable steps to contribute to protection of source of drinking water)
7ASection 69V amended (Duty to take all practicable steps to comply with drinking-water standards)
8Section 69Z amended (Duty to prepare and implement water safety plan)
8ASection 69ZF amended (Duty to take remedial action if drinking-water standards breached)
9Section 69ZK amended (Director-General may appoint drinking-water assessors)
10Section 69ZP amended (Powers of drinking-water assessors and designated officers)
11Section 69ZZZB amended (Director-General must publish annual report)
12Section 69E amended (Application of sections 69S to 69ZC to water carriers)
13Section 69F amended (Bulk suppliers, networked suppliers, water carriers, and designated ports or airports may elect earlier compliance)
14Section 69G amended (Interpretation)
15Section 69J amended (Drinking-water register)
16Section 69K amended (Applications for registration)
17Section 69O amended (Minister may issue, adopt, amend, or revoke drinking-water standards)
18Section 69ZR amended (Restrictions on exercise of powers)
19Section 69ZX replaced (Register of drinking-water assessors)
69ZXRegister of drinking-water assessors
Legislative history

The Parliament of New Zealand enacts as follows: