Canterbury Earthquakes Insurance Tribunal Bill

  • enacted

Hon Andrew Little

Canterbury Earthquakes Insurance Tribunal Bill

Government Bill



4Overview of Act
6Transitional, savings, and related provisions
7Act binds the Crown
8Application of Act
9Eligibility criteria to bring claim before tribunal
10Bringing claim to tribunal
11Additional parties and removal of parties
12Claim brought by application to tribunal
13Applications that chairperson may accept
14Serving notice on respondent
15Response from respondent
16Claim brought by transfer of proceedings from court
17Application ineligible because of proceedings or decision in another forum
18Withdrawal of claim on claimant commencing proceedings in another forum
19Status and effect of claim under other enactments
20Managing claims and natural justice
21Notifying date for first case management conference
22Attendance at first case management conference
23Accompanying party at first case management conference
24Matters for first case management conference
25Independence of expert advisers
26Further case management
27Powers of tribunal
28Transfer of claim to court
29Application of this subpart
30Mediation services
31Independence of mediators
32Procedure in relation to mediations
34Settlements to be provided to chief executive and tribunal
35Enforcement of mediated settlements
36Mediation services not to be questioned as being inappropriate
37Managing adjudication of claims and natural justice
38Case management conference to prepare for hearing
39Powers of tribunal
39ATribunal’s powers to seek and receive evidence, investigate, and make inquiries
40Expert advisers
41Hearing of claim
41AConsolidation of expert evidence on same subject matter for multiple claims
42Further provisions relating to tribunal
43Matters tribunal may decide
44Tribunal’s decision: substance
46Tribunal may award interest
47Tribunal’s decision: form
48Nothing done by or relating to tribunal invalid because of failure to comply with technicality or legal form
49Suppression orders
50Enforcement of tribunal decisions (other than costs awards)
51Questions of law may be referred to High Court
53Canterbury Earthquakes Insurance Tribunal established
54Nature of proceedings
55Appointment of members of tribunal
56Performance of functions of tribunal
57Further provisions relating to tribunal members
58Assignment of member to act as tribunal
59Orderly and efficient operation
60Delegation by chairperson
61Registrar and staff
62Contempt of tribunal
63Exclusion of liability
64Tribunal records
66Rules of court: District Court and High Court
67Consequential amendments to Acts enactments
Legislative history

The Parliament of New Zealand enacts as follows: