Canterbury Earthquakes Insurance Tribunal Bill

  • enacted

Enforcement, referral of questions of law to High Court, and appeals

50 Enforcement of tribunal decisions (other than costs awards)


A decision of the tribunal may be enforced as if it were an order of the District Court except as provided in this section.


If application is made to the District Court for the issue of any process to enforce a decision by the tribunal setting an amount payable by a party who fails or refuses to do something by a certain date (see section 44(4)), the Registrar of the court must give written notice of the application to the party against whom enforcement is sought.


If that party does not file a notice of objection within 10 working days after receiving that notice, the decision may then be enforced against the party.


A notice of objection may be given only on the ground that the party believes that the decision of the tribunal has been fully complied with.


This section applies even if the amount at issue exceeds the jurisdiction of the District Court stated in section 74 of the District Court Act 2016.

Compare: 2006 No 84 s 98