Education Amendment Bill (No 2)

  • enacted

Hon Chris Hipkins

Education Amendment Bill (No 2)

Government Bill



3Principal Act
4Section 2 amended (Interpretation)
5Sections 5 to 5B replaced
5Restrictions on primary school enrolment
5ACohort entry policy
5BDates for starting school under cohort entry policy
6New section 5D inserted (Publication of mid-term dates)
5DPublication of mid-term dates
7Section 11PB amended (Enrolment schemes of certain State schools)
8Section 25 amended (Students required to enrol must attend school)
9Section 35C amended (Criteria for registration as private school)
10Section 35K repealed (Suspension of registration if welfare of students may be at risk)
11Section 35L amended (Duration of suspension)
11ASection 162 amended (Establishment of institutions)
12Section 382 amended (Functions of Teaching Council)
13New section 382A inserted (Issue of statement of Government policy relating to Teaching Council’s functions)
382AIssue of statement of Government policy relating to Teaching Council’s functions
14Schedule 1 amended
15Amendments to Education Act 1964
16Section 2 amended (Interpretation)
17New section 96 inserted (Correspondence schools and classes for continuing education)
96Correspondence schools and classes for continuing education
18Amendments to Education (Update) Amendment Act 2017
19Section 2 amended (Commencement)
20Section 5 amended (Section 2 amended (Interpretation))
21Section 11 repealed (Sections 7 and 7A repealed)
22Section 20 amended (Section 16 amended (Secretary’s powers when excluded student younger than 16))
23Section 25 amended (Section 20 replaced (New Zealand citizens and residents between 6 and 16 to go to school))
24Sections 26 to 29 repealed
25Section 30 amended (Section 25 amended (Students required to enrol must attend school))
26Sections 32 to 34 repealed
27Section 36 amended (Section 35Q amended (Suspensions and expulsions of students from private schools to be notified to Secretary))
28Section 38 repealed (New Part 3A inserted)
29Section 39 amended (Section 60 amended (Interpretation))
30Section 52 repealed (Section 78A amended (Powers of entry and inspection))
31Section 67 repealed (Section 81A repealed (Grants for correspondence schools))
32Sections 70 and 71 repealed
33Section 72 amended (Section 92 amended (Interpretation))
34Section 98 amended (Section 144A amended (Secretary may require information for proper administration of Act))
35Section 100 amended (Section 145 amended (Interpretation))
36Section 107 repealed (Section 152 repealed (Correspondence schools))
37Section 120 repealed (Section 158A amended (Interpretation))
38Section 122 amended (Section 158R amended (Secretary’s powers when student younger than 16 is excluded from partnership school kura hourua))
39Section 125 repealed (Section 159 amended (Interpretation))
40Sections 131 to 135 repealed
41Section 140 repealed (Section 342 amended (Interpretation))
42Section 142 repealed (Section 350A replaced (Special provision for chief executive of correspondence school))
43Section 156 amended (New Schedule 1 inserted)
43ASection 158 amended (Schedule 6 replaced)
44Section 161 amended (Consequential amendments to other enactments)
45Schedule 3 amended
Legislative history

The Parliament of New Zealand enacts as follows: