Education Amendment Bill (No 2)

  • enacted
5 Sections 5 to 5B replaced

Replace sections 5 to 5B with:

5 Restrictions on primary school enrolment

The following persons may not be enrolled in or continue to be enrolled in a primary school or a class below form 3 at a composite school:


a child under the age of 5 years:


a child who turned 14 years of age in a previous year:


a child who, in the opinion of the Secretary,—


has completed the work of form 2; or


has completed the work equivalent to form 2.

5A Cohort entry policy


A State school or State integrated school may adopt or revoke a cohort entry policy after complying with the requirements in section 5C.


A cohort entry policy must—


apply to all children aged 5 who have not previously enrolled in a registered school; and


provide that all such children may be enrolled only on a date determined in accordance with section 5B.

5B Dates for starting school under cohort entry policy


This section applies to a school that has a cohort entry policy.


A child may be enrolled not earlier than the child’s fifth birthday on a date that is—


a term start date:


a mid-term start date.


In this section,—

mid-term date means a date that is published as a mid-term date under section 5D

term start date, in relation to a school, means a date that is the first day of a term that the school is open for instruction.