Building Amendment Bill

  • enacted

Hon Jenny Salesa

Building Amendment Bill

Government Bill



3Principal Act
4Section 4 amended (Principles to be applied in performing functions or duties, or exercising powers, under this Act)
5Section 7 amended (Interpretation)
6Section 11 amended (Role of chief executive)
7Section 12 amended (Role of building consent authority and territorial authority)
8Section 15 amended (Outline of this Part)
9Section 41 amended (Building consent not required in certain cases)
10Section 42 amended (Owner must apply for certificate of acceptance if building work carried out urgently)
11New section 123B inserted (Buildings in areas designated under subpart 6B)
123BBuildings in areas designated under subpart 6B
12New subpart 6B of Part 2 inserted
133BAPurpose of this subpart
133BCDesignation of areas to which this subpart applies
133BDDecisions about designations (other than termination)
133BEPublic notice of designation
133BFCommencement and duration of designation
133BGPeriodic review of designation
133BHExtension of designation
133BITermination of designation
133BJResponsible persons may exercise powers under this subpart
133BKCDEM Act officers as responsible persons
133BLPowers under this subpart take precedence over CDEM Act powers
133BMEffect of previously issued CDEM Act notices
133BNPrinciples for exercise of powers
133BNAPower to enter building or land
133BOExercise of powers in secured buildings
133BPPost-event assessments
133BRMeasures to keep people at safe distance and protect building
133BSNotices and signs on buildings
133BTOwner directed to give information
133BUUrgent works to remove or reduce risks
133BVWorks to remove or reduce other risks
133BWWorks for long-term use or occupation of building
133BXResource consent not required for certain works
133BYSharing of information
133BZApplication of subparts 6, 6A, and 7 in designated areas
12ASection 135 amended (Owner must provide classification of, and certificate for, dam to regional authority)
13New section 153AA inserted (Buildings in areas designated under subpart 6B)
153AABuildings in areas designated under subpart 6B
14Section 175 amended (Chief executive may publish guidance information)
15Section 176 amended (Meaning of party)
16Section 177 amended (Application for determination)
17Section 183 amended (Decision or exercise of power suspended until determination made)
18Section 185 amended (When determination must be completed)
19New sections 207C to 207S and cross-heading inserted
207CInvestigation of building failure
207DPowers of investigation: purpose and investigation site
207ELimits to powers of investigation
207FAssistance with investigation
207GPower to secure investigation site
207HPower to enter investigation site
207IPower to enter household unit
207JPower to inspect and take samples and evidence
207KPower to carry out works
207LPower to require assistance
207MPower to require information or documents
207NRestrictions on sharing evidence or information
207OSharing evidence or information with occupational bodies
207PReport with findings of investigation
207QOffence to interfere with investigation site
207ROffence to access investigation site despite restriction or prohibition
207SOffence to obstruct investigation or fail to provide information or document
20Section 365 amended (Offence to fail to comply with direction of authorised person)
21Section 367 amended (Offence to obstruct execution of powers under this Act)
22Section 368 amended (Offence to remove or deface notices)
23Section 377 amended (Filing charging document)
24Section 378 amended (Time limit for filing charging document)
25Section 390 amended (Civil proceedings may not be brought against chief executive, employees, etc)
25ASection 402 amended (Regulations: general)
26Schedule 1AA amended
27Amendments to Civil Defence Emergency Management Act 2002
28Section 83 amended (Restriction on disclosure of information)
29Section 84 amended (Minister’s power of direction)
30Section 94J amended (Minister’s power of direction)
31Amendment to Search and Surveillance Act 2012
32Schedule amended
Legislative history

The Parliament of New Zealand enacts as follows: