New Zealand Infrastructure Commission/Te Waihanga Bill

  • enacted
24A Additional reasons for refusal by local government entities


In addition to the reasons set out in section 24, an entity specified in section 23(5)(e), (f), or (g) may refuse a request for information if


the withholding of the information is necessary to protect information where the making available of the information


would disclose a trade secret; or


would be likely unreasonably to prejudice the commercial position of the entity, or the person who supplied the information, or the person who is the subject of the information; or


the information requested cannot be made available without substantial research.


If a request is likely to be refused under subsection (1)(b), the entity must, before that request is refused, consider whether consulting with the Commission would assist the Commission to make the request in a form that would remove the reason for the refusal.

Compare: 1987 No 174 ss 7, 17, 17B